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DREE MON Releases her New Single “Love Me At My Best” and Official Music Video

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Dree Mon is a Los Angeles based, soulful dance-pop artist, who is releasing her new single “Love Me At My Best” along with the official music video on December 11th. Dree Mon is known for her empowering, free-spirited music that challenges status quo, promotes self-love, and celebrates who you are while always making you dance.

“Love Me At My Best” features funky guitars and a little nod to the 90s. Dree Mon co-wrote this song with international songwriters Dani Saldo (Canada) and Riccardo Barletta (Italy) and worked with Swedish producer Simon Jacobsson (who has amassed over 10m streams on Spotify).

Dree Mon said, “’Love Me At My Best’ came out of the notion that people are so quick to judge when your image doesn't align with what they think is "your best”. I think it's such a relatable concept, we all want to be loved completely and fully and unconditionally."

Her official music video, directed by Kristine May, features artists in several forms including a drag performer and a trans woman who does drag, promoting the idea of transformations, journeys, pursuing art, and living your best life 100% no matter what anyone else says.

Watch the "Love Me At My Best" Official Music Video here!

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