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Time To Declutter Your Closet!

While COVID-19 is a pain in the backside, there are many ways that we can make the most of our time! How? Let's start with out wardrobe! Studies show that a clean and decluttered environment can be therapeutic when it comes to cutting stress and anxiety out of our lives. Often times we're told to dump, or get rid of our old clothes. But what about those of us who have no interest in throwing away or donating our perfectly good clothing that we DO plan on using?

Here's an idea: Color Coordination! While tossing your clothes may not be an option, you can still organize your closet based on color. This will help you to make your closet LOOK more organized and a lot less like a rainbow exploded in there!

Tip: Start with your whites and work your way through to your blacks. If you are color blind, it may be better for you to organize your closest from your pants to your shirts, then your suits or dresses!



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