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L.A. based pop singer/songwriter, Danielle Hollobaugh, is stirring the music scene with her catchy new single, “Gravity”. After catching our attention in October 2020 with her single “Skeletons”, she’s struck gold again with this new single. With a style similar to a young Avril Lavigne and vocal riffs comparable to Halsey, Danielle is bound for stardom! “Gravity is written from the perspective of someone who tends to fall in love hard and possibly too fast,” says Danielle.

Her journey as an artist began at the age of 6 when her parents signed her up for a theatre camp. That’s when the “fire in her soul for music” originated. After years of hard work and dedication, she began performing music she’d written and recorded at festivals, churches, and other various events.

Blind since birth, Danielle has let nothing get in the way of her larger-than-life dreams. Her persistence to that dream has resulted in her winning the national Talent Quest karaoke competition in the Women’s Country category, the Southeastern Idol competition in Florida, and taking home Best Songwriter and overall winner at the Florida Ignition showcase.

Since her time competing, Danielle has been hard at work creating music that can empower people to chase their dreams as relentlessly as she has.

“I haven't had a ton of formal training, but I have worked with fantastic vocal coach, Mark Goff.”

Mark has worked with celebrities like Britney Spears and the Backstreet boys, and she says that he’s taken her singing to “the next level”.

Growing up with a disability, Danielle has felt really lucky to have parents who have “pushed her to do what all the other kids were doing and never told her she couldn't do something.”

“To my knowledge, I think I would be the same artist, sight or no sight, but others tell me that I have a unique perspective to write from. I do think that having extra obstacles to overcome has made me want to write more about never giving up or letting someone get in the way of your dreams.”

Danielle has accomplished so much and has even had a song placement in a movie trailer!

“It was even more special because the movie is called Spy Cat and I'm a huge cat person.”

Her advice for everyone: “Never give up! Especially now that there are so many other ways to succeed in the business that aren't just ‘being famous’. You can make a nice living as a performer, you can start making music for sync, or you can be a session player, and with remote work becoming so much more popular, you can do it from anywhere.”

Watch & Listen to her latest single, “Gravity” on YouTube!





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