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Crashing In The Deep

FAME Magazine introduced Josh Kain in March 2020. Josh’s latest article named, Somethin’ About That Voice has rang true, a voice which is unforgettable. Josh Kain has continued to bless our ears with his musical talents. FAME recently caught up with Josh and guess what folks? He’s at it again!

He promised fans a NEW SINGLE every three weeks and...♫𝄞dum dum duuum𝄞♫...Josh has delivered! 

Despite our Country's Stay-At-Home order, he has remained unstoppable. Josh continues providing acoustic lessons for his students at the Federal Way School of Music via online.

Josh explains, “I have more students now than I did before the Stay-At-Home order. It’s awesome teaching kids”.

Aside from acoustic lessons, Josh stays busy with DIY home projects and what we all love, making us new music to listen to!!! Thank you Josh!

Josh’s music is from the heart. Josh has always and will continue to write music that relates to his experiences, his latest single is no exception.

Crashing In The Deep relates to a past relationship. She was a drug addict and addicted to was just bad. This song is more of a metaphorical song focusing on detoxing from a bad relationship, including your recovery”.

Crashing In The Deep ~ Release date May 2, 2020

Josh smiles as he reminisces shooting Crashing In The Deep in his home studio with his roommates.

“I mean, we have to stay home, so let’s shoot! Adam Mitchell recorded Crashing In The Deep, that guy is amazing! Jordan Stewart and Nikki Bain filmed the video and I edited. It was really cool doing it with friends, I have done some research on what stimulates the brain and how I could attract more viewers so, in my video you will see a lot of quick angle changes. Stimulating the brain is fun”.

Josh is such a humble young man with incredible talents. Three weeks ago, Josh released a video of his shredding skills, Shred Til Your Dead. Check it out!

Josh will continue keeping his promise to his fans by releasing a new single every three weeks! Although he already has the song written, a name for his next hit is TBD. Stay tuned to FAME Magazine for more of Josh Kain!



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