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Charles Connolly - Musical Genius

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Have you ever had an experience where you’d hear a new song and connect with it immediately? Everything about the music and lyrics hit you in that sweet spot, giving you those feel good vibes, and you just can’t stop listening to it? This is exactly the first impression we had from the music that London native, Charles Connolly, sent to us. I mean wow! It was truly incredible artistry that was continuously replaying in the FAME office, for weeks.

Having had a “charming” and “simple” upbringing with his parents and sister, Charles didn’t exactly have it easy. “From birth I was afflicted with severe eczema and asthma. This meant I was certainly not an outdoors type and couldn’t do a lot of the normal things that children used to do back then (it didn’t involve any screens).” He often found himself alone, at home or at school, with not a great deal to do but think. “This may have been the reason why I was quite the mature child.  I had a keen eye for observation and hadn’t even been conscious that I was absorbing everything around me. I still very much have this talent. It was a peculiar upbringing, now looking back at it, but I knew there was something within me. Something different and compelling. Music took a hold of me.”

Charles told FAME Magazine, rather descriptively, about an old, but wonderful (and quite magical) sound system that would play in his childhood home from as far back as he could remember. “This piece of furniture was like a beloved uncle to me. It nurtured me from a baby to a teenager, soothing me, calming me, exciting me, and truly showing me what I had to do with my life.” While his father was a novelist, it was his mother who played a little classical/folk guitar in the 60’s. But that was as far as the music gene went in his family. Charles, on the other hand, would learn drums, guitar, bass and finally, the piano. “I was self-taught, as it was simply easier that way. I did manage to teach myself a bit of saxophone in under a week, but I had to give it back to its owner, and so have not played it since. As for singing, it just happened throughout my life. Singing came naturally and has always been such a joy. Everyone should really try singing,” says Charles.

His latest project was produced, mixed and mastered by him!

“I have always preferred to do things my way and do things myself. This is not arrogance, but rather not wanting to pester others by involving them. When I have an idea for a new piece, I hear it all, fully produced in my head. I often get most of the song at once, with all parts, melodies, harmonies, production, beats, even specific sound and structure - but only in my head. It is then up to me - and of course only me - to try to emulate and replicate that sound and make that song. This is the main reason why I can’t really rely on anyone else. I also don’t have the funds to pay anyone to help, and don’t really know anyone personally in the field of music who could help.” His song "Never Said Goodbye", our personal favorite, brings in a smooth groove and flavor that kept us moving all day long. Ironically, the female vocals on this track were ALSO CHARLES!!! Incredible!

“‘Never Said Goodbye’ is about a woman whose man has left her, and she doesn’t understand why.” This song, however, wasn’t written from personal experience, but a play off of his “something out of the ordinary, breaking barriers” way of thinking. “Many people often assume that all lyrics in songs, and words in novels are from experience, but being an artist means being a creator. I made up this basic premise and it has nothing to do with myself or anyone I know.”

Opting to have a little darkness, or something slightly devious or twisted in his songs as of late, Charles has created a sound he is proud of, and that we believe, REALLY works for him.  You should also check out his latest single, “You Tap and Unwrap Me”.

“It is another darker song that could be said to be the James Bond song that never was…!” says Charles.

You can check him out on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/artist/177sVR4PIPRGPAys8e5vG1?si=dpgmps6eQpGfrPn-jdA_-g. Follow him on Social Media! IG: https://www.instagram.com/connollytunes/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/connollytunes YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/chazhands Twitter: https://twitter.com/connollytunes Website: www.CharlesConnollyMusic.com

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