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Singer-Songwriter, Candice Lee, Releases New Single "How We Used To" & It Is Great!

From Instagram to the pages of FAME, Candice Lee has captured our hearts with her beautiful melodies and musicianship. Playing instruments like the harp, classical guitar, electric guitar, electric bass/double bass, ukulele and piano, she offers a unique range of versatility that has gained her a large following on social media.

“I started my Instagram account when I was 12. I was working on an EP and wanted to have a social media platform to promote it.”

Having created her own #MusicMonday in 2013, she posts new videos on @CandiceLeeMusic every week.

Her song that originally caught our attention was called "Feel The Same", which was a collaboration with successful EDM Producer, KXA.

“Feel the same is about wondering if you're on the same page as someone in any kind of relationship. It was inspired by personal experiences and observations of other situations.”

Her latest release, “How We Used To” debuted on January 27, 2021.

Candice shared that this song was inspired by the pandemic, but was intended to endure, as we all long for the stability of what was. The song shifts from anxious feelings to images of hope, as a reminder that although we face common human emotions, struggles, and challenges, we will ultimately transition to a brighter time.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, I was feeling anxious, lonely, depressed, and other intense emotions while simultaneously dealing with all of the unknowns. I wanted to express those feelings in the way I know best, through writing music. I wanted to normalize those intense emotions that people may be experiencing during these unprecedented times. I want the song to remind people that their feelings are valid and while unpleasant, it’s okay to feel that way. That being said, spreading positivity and uplifting others through my music has always been a priority of mine, so I included a hopeful aspect within the song, looking forward to when life is back to how it used to be. That’s also why I chose butterflies as the visual image for the song. They are a symbol of hope and transformation. ”

Music Available Now!

Check out Candice Lee's Original "Invisibile" on YouTube!

She began writing “How We Used To” back in March of 2020, and due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic, she ended up recording this track in her parent’s house.

“Due to the pandemic, I was unable to go into a studio to record this song so I actually recorded everything at my house. I recorded vocals in my parents’ closet and set up a mic/direct input to record both my harp and guitar. It definitely pushed me to go out of my comfort zone, but it was a great learning experience!”

Candice is dedicated to connecting with her followers by "personally interacting and encouraging others to use music to express themselves”.




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