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"Bust A Whine!" by Miami's Love & Hip Hop reality stars Pleasure P & Amara La Negra

After hearing "Bust A Whine!" on 88.1 FM in the Virgin Islands, we knew that Miami's Love & Hip Hop reality tv star, Pleasure P, along with co-star, Amara La Negra, had struck gold! It is a feel good song, with a mesh of Caribbean and Latin infusion.

Many other media based stations have begun to play "Bust A Whine!" because it is just that good! Pleasure P delivers a melodic and rhythmic voice over the well orchestrated song, while Amara La Negra brings a powerful vocal performance that adds that extra flavor to the mix.

Harnessing the momentum for a song of this magnitude requires having great business contacts and with Fast Life Entertainment & Street Famous Soundtrack Label owners. This includes making a ton of calls to the people that can get the song debuted at #1 on several FM stations. Florida's Talent agency ATM was brought on board to help with the press relations side of things. According to Fast Life Entertainment (the music label for both artists), a music video is set to premiere soon.

The Music Label has goals to debut the official "Bust A Whine!" music video on Viacom's B E T television network and believes the "world will gravitate to this song".


These amazing talents have really shown that they are able to deliver a "Hot Record". The music producer of the song has created hits for some of the biggest names in music. The production on this record is phenomenal and we encourage you to give it a listen! It is available for download on all major streaming platforms.


Pleasure P



Amara La Negra




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