Blurred Lines 808

Born and raised as a SoCal gal, Sarah Sampias spent her childhood in Apple Valley, CA. She was a tomboy through and through and the ONLY GIRL on her school's fifth grade FOOTBALL team! Being constantly surrounded by her three boy cousins meant there wasn't a whole lot of time for Sarah to be a girly girl.

At the tender age of 10, Sarah discovered painting, which wasn't a big surprise as both her mother and grandmother were painters as well.

"A perfect night for me would include my mom, grandmother and myself, along with music, canvases and a palette of pastel paints! We would all do crafts together. We'd tole paint [the art of decorative painting on tin, wooden utensils, objects and furniture], then sell our creations. It was so much fun!” Sarah shared with FAME.

Not being the stereotypical "middle child rebel," Sarah prides herself on her ability to remain "super positive" and has been a huge comfort to her sisters and mother. But tragedy struck in her Senior year of high school. Her oldest sister passed away, leaving Sarah and her mother to take care of her younger sister with special needs. This required a lot of team work from the family, which only brought them closer. Connection through their family painting sessions was a wonderful release.

After graduation, Sarah began working odd jobs. But over the years she's developed a love for fashion and makeup and continues a promising career at M.A.C.!

As a true self-taught prodigy, Sarah has never taken a painting class.

“I did take a pottery class once, but….ugh it definitely was not for me,” she giggled. “All I know is that painting is my destiny.”

An interesting fact about Sarah is that she has a very unique voice, which she proudly embraces. She even auditioned for voiceover work.

“To be honest, that was just way too much work, and painting is where I belong."

Once you look through her gallery, you’ll see that her passion really does lie in painting. Much like many song writers, her images are inspired by her emotions.

“I cannot paint a picture if I don’t feel an emotional connection to it. Painting is my meditation and my relaxation. Most people like groups, but not me. I like to be left alone in my thoughts with my music."

Sarah doesn’t take herself too seriously and embraces all life has to offer! You can purchase one of her paintings online starting at $200. Check out her gallery @blurred.lines.808 on Instagram! You will be in awe of her works!

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