From the NFL to the Movie Screens!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

“Dreams are only goals we haven’t yet achieved.” A young boy with a dream and determination made his way from NFL and football to the Movie Screens. “Once you achieve that goal, dream again.” Meet Blue Kimble!

Yes, Blue is his real name folks! When he was born, his face was blue in color, which is actually where this star got his name. You may remember him from The Fast and Furious 5, The Game, Hunger Games: Catching Fire and many more. He is currently starring in Tyler Perry’s new hit show “Ruthless” on BET+.

This southern-bred, respectful and charming young man was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

On January 3, Blue was born the youngest to a family of all men, including fifteen boy cousins and two older brothers.

“Having all boys around makes you strong!” Blue chuckles as he remembers the rough play. “Being the youngest doesn’t mean you are spoiled. It means I got all the hand-me-downs and learned how to take some punches. My mom [Theresa] is a ‘boy mom’ and three boys did her good!” Blue recalls how his parents' love is still just as strong today as it was 30+ years ago.

“My Dad [Victor] and my mom are still together to this day. These days that's not considered the norm, but it’s normal for me. My parents never expressed whether times were hard. We never felt a sense of struggle, even if there was one. They provided love, care and a solid foundation.”

Blue was always smart and got good grades. He was also in “Talented and Gifted” classes for students who are exceptional and above average.

“After I graduated, I had a lot of scholarship offers and I accepted the offer from Morris Brown College in the AUC. My big brother also attended there, which made my decision easier. I started there when they were having the media blowout in 2004, so I had to transfer out and went to the HBCU Stillman College instead.”

To no surprise, Blue ended up playing football in college, which he both loved and found comfort in. After graduating from Stillman College with honors, Blue had the chance to play professionally! His dream was coming true.

“Everyone wants to be like Jordan and Lebron or any pro athlete because they are the ‘black heroes’. I went to a small, all black, Division 2 school and scouts noticed ME!” Blue laughed in disbelief as he remembered that feeling.

After training and working out with different NFL teams and scouts, Blue received some disappointing news. If he wanted to play Pro Ball, he had to first play Arena Football. He had to “prove” that he was good enough to play at NFL level, which he did.

After successfully playing years of pro football, Blue’s body had enough!

“That’s just how it goes! NFL stands for ‘Not For Long’. But, I am THANKFUL that I at least got the opportunity to touch my dream.”

After retiring from his football career, Blue had a hard time adjusting to life without sports.

”Little things would trigger me like smelling the grass or watching football on TV. When something you have done for so long is taken away, it’s hard. You have to accept it and find something else to fill that void.”

How did he deal with it all? He kept himself busy. He coached football for a bit and he realized quickly that it was not his passion, so he continued on his pursuit to follow God’s plan.

“So many people asked me, ‘why don't I model?’ I would tell them, ‘Where I’m from, we don’t take pictures.’ Often, a friend of mine would ask me over and over again to go to acting classes with her and everytime I would tell her the same thing, ‘no, that’s not my thing.’ But one day she tricked me!” Blue laughed. “She asked me for a ride to class, so I gave her one. NEVAINA RHODES is instructing this class. Plus, at this time Tyler Perry was making the dopest movies and really opening up the movie world for Atlanta!”

Not allowing Blue to sit idly by in her class, Nevaina told Blue, “Get up! Nobody sits in my class without performing!” Blue was forced to participate and Nevaina was impressed by what she had witnessed. She exclaimed, “whatever IT is, you definitely have it!”

Blue had never considered acting, but why not? Blue scouted an acting manager, got headshots and landed his first few auditions! The doors opened up and the opportunities were pouring in one after the other. Blue now knew that THIS was his passion. He said, “God had stepped in and made very clear the plan, He has for my life and where I'm supposed to be. I’m beyond grateful.”

Blue fully embraced his new purpose and he encourages others to do the same.

“I’m now doing something that I love and I’m passionate about. Plus I’m getting paid for it! I didn’t get here by accident. It’s a lot of hard work, dedication and blessings. I never thought ten years ago that I would be where I am today. TYLER PERRY is now my boss, mentor and friend. If that ain’t God’s plan, I don’t know what is.”

So, what's next for Blue Kimble?

He is in Tyler Perry’s new project, Ruthless, which is currently airing on BET+, P-Valley on Starz, The Oval, also on BET+ and Monogamy on UMC. He also has his own production company, Viral Productions.

“I am blessed to be working during these times. I am grateful for Tyler Perry. He is a blessing and leading by example. To be in his presence is priceless!”

Out of all the wisdom Tyler Perry has spoken to me, a favorite of mine is, “Whatever you think you want to do, do more, grow more, aim more...because it’s possible.”

Photos provided by Dean Foreman


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