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By: Julie Rammal,


Let’s forget about dull bedroom sweat pants, t-shits, pajama’s, weight gain and begin boosting our body and wardrobe with holistic training and trending Spring and Summer 2020 fashion tips to look fabulous at home.

Boosting our looks and body during Quarantine will uplift your mood, energy, motivation, self-love, and get you into the perfect self-empowering routine to be amazing and beautiful for the new season.

Fashion can change your world by boosting confidence, creativity, personality, and it shows the world who you really are. Quarantine is the best time to start designing your Spring and summer fashion wardrobe.

To get started, start by pulling out the Spring and Summer 2020 trending colors of lame scarlet, saffron, classic blue, faded denim, orange peel, and mosaic blue. Then look through your clothing for any 3 piece suites, slip dresses, Bermuda shorts, garters, pinstripe lines, tropical and adventure color outfits, and any fishnet clothing.

If you don’t have any, consider designing your own clothes or ordering online to get ready for the wonderful new seasons. Fashion designers are truly marking history with amazing garter belts under blazers as seen in Mugler and Helmut Lang. Designers are bringing out nature lover looks to prioritize environmental consciousness, and fun fishnet designs as seen in Burberry, Blumarine, and Gucci. Plus, the 70’s big collars are back in fashion and you know what they say: style comes with the size of the collar.

Now that your wardrobe is up to date, consider training your body holistically to get the fashionable lean, youthful, and balanced muscle mass that is worth trillions. Complimentary holistic workouts are available under the training tab in Aim for the luxury butt workout, carnival, and upper body sculpt to diminish sagging skin, cellulite, tone and get the new lean fashionable body.



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