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BEAUTY With A BIG Heart!

Australia...a beautiful place filled with some of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen and surrounding one of the most beautiful women we have ever had the pleasure of interviewing. Meet Amber Webb, an incredibly kind-hearted and talented young woman from Melbourne, Australia. Daughter to Natarsha and Christopher Webb, and sister to a younger brother who just turned 14 yesterday, Amber has taken her artistic talents to the World Wide Webb! Get it?! 😉

This creative fashion forward bombshell started her makeup tutorials a year and a half ago and has already started to see a push in her YouTube career.

"At first, my biggest struggle was the realization that there were so many other makeup tutorial influencers out there that I would now be competing with, as well as learning how to edit videos."

But she didn't have to struggle alone. A good friend from high school began learning to edit videos and offered her some help with the technical side, allowing Amber to focus on what she does best...Makeup Tutorials.

"If you take a look at my videos from when I first started to the present, you'll see a huge difference!" She laughed as we perused through her channel!

With goals like owning her own salon one day, employing hairstylists, nail technicians and doing makeup looks for clients, to putting out her upcoming Mini Videos for Instagram. You would think she has no time for much else, but you'd be wrong. Along with makeup skills that leave viewers wanting more, she has a BIG HEART! Amber recently used her growing platform to raise money towards the horrific brush fires that swept across Australia and affected the lives of so many people and wildlife there!

"A lot of people donated to the cause and it made me feel so grateful to have a platform that I can use to contribute to helping those in need. If I can help to spread awareness about things that really matter, it would really mean a lot to me."

Originally working 2 jobs everyday, you can imagine that she didn't have a whole lot of time to put out new content quickly, but she's been taking advantage of the COVID stay-at-home order to get it done. She’s now adding new videos at least once per week and her tutorials are just getting better and better!

Check out her video below to see her in action, and don't forget to subscribe to her YouTube Channel @Makeupby Amber Webb. Also, follow her on IG

Her advice to aspiring makeup tutorials influencers...

"Regardless of what others tell you, if you love what you're doing, keep going! Keep perfecting what you do and never EVER give up!" ~ Amber Webb

Fun Facts About Amber:

  1. She LOVES Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

  2. Bring on the hiking, beach going, motorbike riding and other fun activities because she's EXTREMELY outdoorsy!

  3. She's had the opportunity to travel to places like Bali & Europe! Though her recent plans to travel to Europe again this summer has fallen through, thanks to COVID, we're sure she has many travel adventures in her future!

There are more goodies in-store from Amber Webb, but you'll have to follow her to see what's coming! Do it now! You definitely don't want to miss out!



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