Alfonso Lugo

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Every artist has a story, but every story is unique! Take singer/producer, Alfonso Lugo, for example.

Alfonso Lugo
Photo Credit: Aly Fernandez

This incredible entertainer started his career when he was just 17 years old, although his gift for music has spanned the entirety of his life!

His journey into the music industry isn't your typical path, however.

"Prior to pursuing my own music, I had a pretty solid career in the advertising world doing music for commercials, producing Artists and doing a lot of voice over work. I grew up in Mexico, but over time, I realized that my vision and mission aligned more with an international market."

Alfonso Lugo
Photo Credit: Aly Fernandez

Luckily, Alfonso had been traveling between Mexico, Miami and Los Angeles over several years and was able to easily transition to the United States.

"I was very comfortable in Mexico and that's when I realized it was time for a change and a move that would challenge me again."

He ended up in LA and decided to reinvent himself.

Alfonso Lugo
Photo Credit: Aly Fernandez

"When you move to a big city like LA, you're now competing with the best of the best, so I needed to reinvent myself to perform at a higher level."

Fortunate enough to work with some great mentors like Mario Marchetti and Rich Skillz, Alfonso began to network in the industry and collaborated with other incredibly talented artists.

He began producing music for some of these artists and now has his own home studio, which is tailored to his own personal taste!

On May 15, 2020, he launched his new EP, which he believes shows the evolution of his brand.

"My sound is well-rounded and I have BIG plans. My record label is creating a new platform and integrating new technologies, and I have a few singles ready to launch in early and late summer!"

Alfonso Lugo
Photo Credit: Aly Fernandez

Alfonso will also be releasing his first single in ENGLISH, which is a huge accomplishment for this latin artist!

"Latin music is recognized all over the world. Everyone's loving that music right now, but they don't necessarily understand the lyrics. Sometimes they're a little bit aggressive with their lyrics and it doesn't necessarily translate into a beautiful message. But for me, I always treat women as goddesses because that is how I see them. They aren't objects and when I write music, I'm speaking to women. My goal is to create sexy, but edgy, respectful and beautiful music that communicates my regard for them as the goddesses they truly are!"

Alfonso Lugo
Photo Credit: Aly Fernandez

Be sure to check out Alfonso's latest album "Intimo" and follow him on Social Media!







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