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'Bad For Me' from AIR APPARENT and GESS is OUT NOW!

The lively soundscape from AIR APPARENT perfectly complements the captivating vocals from GESS, which explore the depth of lust and love in an imperfect and potentially toxic relationship. “I don’t mind that you’re bad for me… / I get high on my ecstasy." Set for release on Tuesday, March 6th, the artists join forces to blend their electro-pop signature styles into a jubilant offering.

After a highly productive year in 2020, due in part to his breakout single ‘Dance’, AIR APPARENT returns with his first single of 2021, ‘Bad For Me’. Featuring vocals from GESS, ‘Bad For Me’ is an effervescent future-pop affair imbued with modern indie sensibilities, written in mind for everyone who has been told they’d be better off without someone they hold close. ‘Bad For Me’ is out now on all streaming platforms via Pug Life Records.

Throughout his continuous ascent, AIR APPARENT has built a name for himself through his signature electro-pop sound, dipping his toes into the indie space while always maintaining a highly accessible sound. On ‘Bad For Me’, the Pug Life Records budding star pulls together inspirations from across the musical spectrum to craft a cohesive, yet daring, earworm. Featured vocalist GESS shines over the bright future-pop production, singing “I don’t mind that you’re bad for me… / I get high on my ecstasy,” acknowledging a foundational worry that directly contrasts the instrumental’s shimmering tone.

"Bad for Me (ft. GESS) is a song about loving someone or something even when you know it's bad for you. I think everyone has felt this way at some point when their whole heart and mind is consumed with emotion around something even when they knew it was killing them. In a way, this song represents my relationship to music at certain points - where I felt like my obsession with making music was compromising my sleep schedule and social life! I've got a much healthier relationship to it now, but even if that changed, I know I wouldn't have it in me to stop creating."


“It was an honor to be part of this song and I’m so grateful AIR APPARENT found me and reached out! The lyrical content centered around a toxic relationship is something I touch on in my music often so it felt like a good fit from the start.”


Touting collaborations with Mykki Blanco, Shea Couleé, and now AIR APPARENT, GESS operates in the r&b / pop space as a singer, songwriter, and producer. A self-identified love child of Zayn Mailk and Banks before becoming a full-time producer, GESS began in music through a side hustle-making cheerleading mixes, eventually leading to the 1.5 million-plus Spotify streams he has now accumulated. GESS’ moody and dark sound has been featured in Billboard, Gay Times Magazine, Paper Magazine, and more. Additionally, His track ‘Collide’ with RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Shea Couleé premiered on VH1.

With his first release of 2021, AIR APPARENT continues to refine his signature electro-pop sound and expand on his ever-growing fanbase with each new release in his catalog. Neil Sethi, professionally known as AIR APPARENT, has been working diligently to hone his craft over the course of the past few years. Notable releases from the burgeoning producer include his debut EP ‘Imaginary’, his seven-track EP, ‘Color Dreams’, as well as singles ‘three strikes’ with DAVVN and ‘Dance,’ which has already amassed nearly 400,000 Spotify streams. In addition to his own budding discography, he is known for his thoughtful collaborations with a number of blossoming musicians. Garnering massive support from fans and industry professionals alike on his recent work, AIR APPARENT currently commands over 40,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

Adding another versatile addition to his catalog with ‘Bad For Me’ feat. GESS, AIR APPARENT continues his sharp trajectory in the indie-dance music space as he continues to expand his ever-growing fanbase.



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