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Actress, Jean Simon

Jean Simon is an actor who started her career on the original Hawaii 5 - 0! Chicago, Illinois native, Jean moved to Hawaii to be a teacher, but that only lasted 3 years before acting became her new path in life.

Hawaii 5-0, (original and new), Magnum P.I, (original and new), LOST ( I was the dead body that Kate took the shoes off of in the pilot - among other roles - big whoop...), numerous shows that didn't last long and shows that filmed episodes in Hawaii.  I've worked on many movies and commercials including 5 National commercials filmed in Hawaii.

I can be seen in THE WRONG MISSY on Netflix, which came out on May 13th. I'm one of the "bankers" and I'm singing and dancing!

I'm also a mermaid! I've been a mermaid with Mermaids Hawaii, performing synchronized swimming and mermaid shows on all islands for many years.

These videos came out of being a senior caregiver for my mom and my significant other - at the same time. Both had Alzheimer's. So the videos are based on real events.

I got through the caregiving by turning these events into comedic scripts. Now that both my mom and my significant other have passed, I've created my very own production company - Simon Sez Productions!, LLC, and these are my first videos.

My goal with these videos is to have as many caregivers as possible see them so that they can take a short break, get a laugh, and return to caregiving refreshed.



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