3 Tips for Accessorizing!

Nothing completes an outfit quite like the accessories you adorn yourself with! Necklaces, watches, purses, shoes, rings and earrings, the choices are endless! Knowing when to lay on the bling, keep it simple or try the less-is-more approach is key to pairing your wardrobe with the perfect accessories.


If you are interested in learning 3 simple tips for accessorizing your wardrobe for that TRENDSETTING SELFIE, look no further! Let's get started...


A doubled layered necklace is the perfect way to show off your neckline with any plunging or V-Neck top. Thinner chains make for a much more feminine look and you can pair it with a simple ring to bring the look together.


If you're a fan of high neck tops, you should typically think "less-is-more". A stylish earring could be just the right touch for these kinds of blouses or shirts. There is a common misconception that if you wear a lot of jewelry you look expensive, but it's actually the opposite. The less you wear, the higher class you really look. This kind of pairing will cause you to look more elegant, upscale and trendy without trying. Add a ring or two, or perhaps even a simple clutch or chain-rope purse to bring the look together!

CAUTION: BE CAREFUL not to overdo it! While adding an accessory or two might add that extra wow factor, you should be cautious about your fashion choices. Wearing a chunky ring like the one you see in this picture above may match the earring you see her wearing, but it takes the attention off of the overall look. No matter where your eyes travel over this image, you are naturally drawn back to her pinky finger because of the size and color of the ring, which is distracting. Remember, less-is-more is not just about quantity, but the quality of the items you choose to wear and how it aids in bringing the whole fashion style together.


With simple tanks, spaghetti straps and off the shoulder tops, a fedora is definitely a fashion MUST and this is also the time when layering your neckline with bling gets the green light! The key here is making sure that your layers do not overlap. Instead, create multiple rows with chains in a variety of lengths. This gives the appearance of length and elongates the neck. The thicker the neck, the thinner the chains should be. You also want to consider using different styles from plains and chains, to dangles and bangles. This will give you an edgier appearance and really adds to your gotta-have-her charm!

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