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Atlanta's dim grapple with life's indecisions in emotional new single "Start Over Again"!



"To start something new, Or to mend what has been, Why do I wish we’d Start over again"

Atlanta's Dim delivers an energetic and emotional pop-rock sound that feels like a sucker punch to your heart.

Featuring singer Matt Mulkey (Young Mountain, MOLEKEY, ex-Woe Is Me), drummer Ben Cato (ex-The Dangerous Summer), and guitarists Nick Lowry & Charlie Pinkard - have come together to be “the light into the dawn” during the confusion and chaos of this modern world.

Regarding the new single "Start Over Again" Mulkey says, "Have you ever been stuck in a circumstance not knowing what the right move is? It sometimes leaves you feeling completely lost or trapped inside your mind...searching for more to life vs. the mundane job or relationship you wish to get out of. You know you need to truly find yourself and move on, and leave behind everything that didn't serve you but you get stuck wanting to try again, to give things another shot. This is the emotion we tried to capture in "Start Over Again." Whether it's a relationship or your entire life - all of us sometimes get lost in the world wondering what we need to do next. Whether it’s a relationship or your entire life, all of us sometimes get lost in the world wondering what we need to do next. As the song says, ‘To start something new or mend what has been, why do I wish we’d start over again?’”

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