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Love is complicated, even more so when someone gets in the way of a relationship you still want and are invested in. 19 year old Luke Mock has just released a single all about this kind of intrusion.

"Universe" was a collaboration with his friend, Jessica Bunnicelli and has two meanings according to Luke.

"To me, this song is about two lovers that are intruded on by another, in a literal sense. In a metaphorical sense, "Universe" is about any type of passion or something one loves that is interrupted by something in the world, no matter what it may be."

For such a young man, he is truly an old soul, using his lyrical talents to write a story about a topic that resonates with people. His message crosses age, gender and cultural barriers and is universally accepted as truth.

Luke remembers his love for singing throughout his youth and knew his passion was music when he first picked up a guitar at just 12 years old, writing his first song at only 14!

Making his debut into the music industry at Casey Park Elementary School, in the fifth grade, Luke sang "World's Greatest" with a recorded track. His solo career officially began professionally, however, at Perform 4 Purpose WinterFest in his hometown.

"It was the first time I got to play alone with my guitar. I played covers and my older original songs, said Luke.

Now, he has a single, "Universe", which is sure to do well in the industry! The song was inspired by the idea of the universe being so unexplainable and uncontrollable and the thought of having interruptions in either a relationship or one's passion.

Universe can be found on all streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, and more!

Luke is hoping to tour as soon as venues re-open, but will be doing live streams on twitch and other streaming platforms for the time being.

For you Luke Mock fans out there, he IS single and has a message just for you!

"Thank you for all of your support! You all inspire me to do what I love and give me the confidence to share it with the world."

If you're hoping to break into the industry, here's some advice from Luke!

"'You either make a commitment or you make a change.' This is something my mother always told me and it applies to everything in life. Wherever life takes you, it is up to you to commit to getting through it or making that change for yourself."

Check out his lyric video here!

Stay "In The Know" on all things Luke by subscribing to his website at You can also follow him on Instagram at And be on the lookout for his NEW MUSIC VIDEO releasing THIS FRIDAY, June 26, 2020!!!



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