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"The Endless" on Netflix

"The Endless" is a movie on Netflix directed, written by, and starring Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. This Sci-Fi Thriller was created in 2017 and really is worth the watch!

First off, let me just say I highly enjoyed this movie! The concept and writing were great. While there were a lot of quite moments, they still managed to use those moments to build suspense, and engage the audience. I spent the entire movie trying to figure out what was going on, what would happen next, laughing at the perfectly timed comedic dialogue between the brothers or jumping out of my seat when something scary happened.

Justin Benson, who plays Justin, did an incredible job of portraying the protective big brother. His authoritative persona coupled with the soft-spot he held for his brother, was very believable. Justin's love for his brother, and commitment to keeping him safe, no matter the cost to himself personally, really made his character relatable. He's the big brother we all wish we could have.

Aaron, played by Aaron Moorhead, was the naive, innocent little brother. Having been so young when he was taken out of the cult by his big brother Justin, he lacked awareness of how strange the cult, or what he believed to be a simple "commune", really was. All he wanted was to go back despite the constant warnings from Justin.

Together, this duo and the rest of the cast, really created a realistic, mind-bending reality that put you at the edge of your seat. The cinematography by Aaron Moorhead, was so well done. Even the visual effects were INCREDIBLE and unexpected for an Independent Film. Hats off to them for this incredible project.

Check out the trailer here!

If you haven't seen this movie yet, and you like Sci-Fi, this is definitely one you should watch! My husband and I highly enjoyed it and we think you will too!



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