• Rachel Cruz

Tales of the Circle Keys

Welcome to "Tales of the Circle Keys"! Four tales interconnect as a screenplay writer, obsessed with a character in the script, searches for the perfect ending, which lead to the discovery of strange musical instruments, a magical journey of zaniness and the creation of the Circle Key Band…but is the world ready for an Asian Rockstar?

The film is directed by Diq Diamond and stars actors, Kurt Ken Kaminaka (Totck) and Annastasia Fiala Watkins (Zesha).

Kurt is the creator of "Tales of the Circle Keys", which is a trilogy (A concert, play and film). He is also the found of ArtZone theater and films. Appearing in movies like Rambo 2, Kong Skull Island and Magnum P.I. amongs others.

Annastasia was featured in Magnum P.I., Same Time, Next Christmas and Ballistic.

Together this duo embark in this colorful, lively and hilariously creative Rom-Com. Watch the trailer here and check out their website for more at www.totck.com.

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