Actor, Sean Dillingham Talks About Life in the Industry & Giving Back To The Community

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Actor, Sean Dillingham, was born in Europe and raised in the US. He was one of several children raised by a single mother and recalls his childhood being filled with lots of creativity.

“I was given a lot of attention and a lot of encouragement in performing, imagination and creativity. Always involved in something creative, painting, sketch, acting, etc.”

He first discovered his passion for acting when he was 8 or 9 years old.

“My mother and a few neighborhood ladies had sewn costumes for the local parade, and I was volunteered to be on the float. That was a tremendous feeling since, prior I was a painfully shy kid. After that, a few school plays and once I hit high school, full on into drama and theatre. I loved it. I could escape my shyness by “becoming these other characters” on stage. Loved it all, the characters, the makeup, the costumes, the sets and stage, everything!”

His first acting gig outside of parades and school was community theatre.

“I was in the production of Little Abner, I played the gangster Evil Eye Fleagle. Green zoot suit and everything!”

Loving “all aspects of performing that draw a reaction”, Sean believes that the ability to “create something so real that it affects another person watching it, is a powerful thing”.

“When your performance can capture a room regardless of it being laughter, cheers, tears, whatever, it is powerful.”

Sean currently has 9 films in the can ready for release next year so 2021 should be a tremendous year for him! He is also forming his own production company to produce the projects he is passionate about.

“I have also started a Theatre company, an Improv troupe and finally a charity where actors can go out and give back to the community through a variety of charitable causes.”

Since the COVID pandemic he has continued to work on local productions for short films, an online theatre production, a feature film, and a few commercials.

Sean is an incredible actor with a heart of gold! He and his family have always been involved “personally” with charitable causes, serving the homeless, Christmas Angels, toy and food drives, and more.

“That is why I chose to start my own charity to get others involved,” says Sean Dillingham.

You can watch him here!

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