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"Lost" by Wicklund Music

“Lost” by Wicklund has a day dreamer type of tune, comparable to Iron and Wine.

Very mellow, somewhat reggae and very chill. Wicklund holds a strong message within each of their songs. “Lost” holds a reality that many young people across the world deal with on a daily basis. Being alone, afraid and vulnerable is an unspoken fear. You are scared and solo trying to make something of yourself. You have a voice and you deserve to speak amongst society, or stand up for what you believe in.

When you’re young even the smallest of jokes can deflate you faster than instant oatmeal takes to cook. You try to make your way and obstacles are apparent at every turn you take. At this point you're just fighting to exist, fighting to be the real you. You want to fit in but realize it’s time to just... be... you. To stop caring about the beliefs society has upon you. You understand haters will be haters yet you need to be yourself! We are all lost until we find out who we really are. Once this mission is accomplished, the lost will be found and heard. The lost will always remember where they came from and will rise with more confidence than ever imagined. Lost seems to bring these realities to life and ecompasses the voices of those who feel truly alone. But also understanding that we are all, at least, united in that. Be sure to check them out at



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