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Lonelez's Releases New EP 'La Romcom', releasing April 23!

Waterford, CT (April 8, 2021) — Dominican born and U.S. based independent Latin artist Lonelez recently announced his upcoming EP La Romcom, to be released April 23rd. Having incorporated numerous genres and influences in his previous music, Lonelez chose to focus on trap and dancehall with La Romcom, paying tribute to traditional Latin sound and style, even down to the lyrics and explicit nature of such. The bilingual blend of English and Spanish lyrics paired with an energetic production and a distinct storytelling makes it easy for anyone to enjoy following along in Lonelez’s sonic adventures. “Every song and concept I make revolves around telling a story that's unique to the Latino experience, yet interesting enough that anyone who engages with it will be able to relate, regardless of their culture or background.”

La Romcom follows a theme of romantic comedy films, some songs illustrating pure romance, and others with a slightly more “raunchy” touch. The concept of incorporating a story line is not uncommon for Lonelez, as his last EP Estudiante depicts a fictional telling of a college student falling in love with his female professor, with each song representing a chapter in a novel. The track “Mackenzie Dos” is one of the more purely romantic songs from the EP, a sequel to Lonelez’s “Mackenzie” from his first album Attracion that tells the story of two lovers reconnecting after some time apart. The track “Fooling Around” highlights the more “raunchy” side of Lonelez’s storytelling, with fun and sensual rhythms of underground Jamaican dancehall. La Romcom shows Lonelez’s extreme range as an artist, with his ability to create a well-rounded, cohesive project, but without limiting himself in his production or storytelling.

La Romcom is set to be released on April 23.

Though La Romcom is Lonelez’s first full project of 2021, he is no stranger to the world of Latin music. Having designed graphics for some of the biggest names in Latin music, Lonelez has since moved on to pursue his own career in music. “Despite gaining recognition as a designer in the Latin music industry, and designing for some of Latin muisc's biggest names, I felt as though music production was my real calling.”

With two albums, numerous singles and remixes under his belt that include a wide range of genres (Flamenco, Trap, Latin Pop, Dancehall, Reggaeton), Lonelez has emerged as an up-and-coming Latin artist that refuses to limit himself in the work he creates. He has proven that his music resonates with listeners in Spain, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Brazil, and Mexico, and is now on the verge of gaining recognition in the U.S.

His trap remix of Daddy Yankee's “Shaky Shaky” reached 11 Million views on Youtube, his bachata remix of Plan B's “Fanatica Sensual” was danced on regional dancing competitions in countries like Spain and Dominican Republic, and his remix/mashup of Don Omar's “Taboo/Lambada” gained over 3 Million views on Youtube and became a staple dance routine for many online Zumba instructors. Recently in 2021, his reggaeton remix of Taylor Swift's Willow became a viral TikTok sound and was played in radio stations, clubs, and supermarkets in countries like El Salvador, Brazil, and Mexico.


About Lonelez:

A native of the Dominican Republic, Lonelez began his journey in the music industry as a graphic designer. Having designed for names such as Ozuna, Mozart La Para, J Alvarez, and Natti Natasha, he discovered that his true passion was in music production all along. Soon, Lonelez began to remix popular songs and it wasn't long until his remixes began to garner favorable attention.

Today, Lonelez is putting lyrics to his beats and after releasing his first independent album Atraccion in 2018, he's ready to bring his fans even more of his catchy rhythms. His songs are those of love, adventure, party-going, and fun, with a bilingual touch that's purely unique to Lonelez.





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