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It’s incredible how movies can create worlds, characters and scenarios that really draw in it’s audiences. Some movies even leave lasting impressions. This is where it all began for actor Austin Monahan.

Photo by Dallas Shaefer

Fascinated with film and theaters from his youth, he shared memories that have followed him throughout his life

“I loved going to movies and plays as a kid. It was an escape out of the real world into this magical creation amongst a group of people. I loved that collaboration aspect of it. When I was around 10 a friend and I were playing at a local park and noticed a film crew and actors all around a baseball field. They were filming a film, I believe, that was called ‘Kickball’ and they asked us if we wanted to be a part of it. After convincing my parents to sign the permission slip, I was able to join and have a quick part in this movie. I was able to see what a film looked like behind the scenes so that was a cool experience for me to have at a young age.”

Photo by Donna Borgia

“With acting, I remember I was 15 and two of my childhood friends took me to see ‘The Dark Knight’, a movie that they had already seen, so it was really nice of them to take me (haha). After seeing what Heath Ledger did with that character blew me away and showed me the potential of what one can do as an actor. I will always remember that moment and how it inspired me.”

After graduating, Austin moved to LA and had quite the culture shock.

“Coming from a small town and going to the other side of the country was shocking enough let alone it being one of the biggest and most culturally diverse cities. I had moved out with only one months rent, so it was immediately ‘get to work’ type of mindset or you will be back home. Mentally, I was somewhat ready for the challenge and the change and I lucked out and have been living there ever since. LA is a beautiful place.”

His career began when he starred in a small film called “Followed” with some friends, in which he played the character “Michael”.

Photo by Dallas Shaefer

“It was my first on film experience which was shocking to see at first but was very grateful to have been a part of something with good people. After that, I was doing background work and that’s when I really was getting the hang of it all and was able to see more opportunities in some other work that I have done. As of recently, I had done my first voice over job for an animated mini-series called “Nick’s Adventures” which is currently in development.”

The best actors are always working at honing their craft, and that is exactly what Austin is doing.

“Taking classes has given me a strategy. For some individuals, they can just go out and act but I love the technique aspect of it and having this story for the character that is based on you and your life experiences.”

Photo by Donna Borgia

Austin has appeared in popular television series’ like ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Toxic’. We asked him what that experience was like, and this is what he had to say:

“It was something that I had been waiting for. Though it was nothing huge it was something that I was beyond grateful to have done. I got to see and meet other actors and the more people you meet in this industry is always a good thing. It was also the first time I was able to see a production lot and that was one of the most amazing times for me to experience and I hope to get onto one again soon.”

Photo by Dallas Shaefer

His advice for aspiring artists?

“Know what you’re getting into, this is a very hard profession and will be rejected thousands of times before getting your opportunity but if you truly love it, you will be okay. Get into acting classes, acting is like a muscle and you need to train that muscle. Lastly, put in the work. That goes with anything in life, without the work and the preparation you won’t get the result that you want.”

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