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Judy Cerda - Actress

Santa Monica native, Judy Cerda, grew up in San Jose where her family moved when she was young. She began “play acting” with her dolls at home as a child, imitating characters on tv shows, and would eventually get into theatre as a teenager. After several years she stepped into the world of films, commercials and television shows. She’s even done music videos.

Some of her projects include feature films such as River of Ghosts, Lord Timmy and the Mystery of the Last Master, Borderlines, Tele-Zombie and so much more. She gets picked up for multiple television shows like Constitutional Justice, I Almost Got Away with It, Wives with Knives, and many Sci-Fi shows as well.

“Acting is an escape from my real life and gives me the chance to be other people who have more exciting lives.” Judy shared with FAME. “Acting is fun, it's emotional and it allows me to explore other feelings and lives.”

She’s excited to have had the chance to book dancing roles in music videos with great artists such as Freddie Dredd, 3pac, Nef The Pharaoh, Speaker Child, Fountains of Wayne and more.

“I love being in big projects that entertain a lot of people and getting good exposure.”

When she’s not acting, she’s working as a beauty demonstration ambassador, a team building assistant, a character in spy games, an emcee, a singer in some live performances, a dancer in music videos, a promo model, a booth hostess and receptionist at different events for companies, as well as a clerk/auction assistant at benefit auctions. She’s a very busy bee.

With dreams of being on television shows as a series regular, we’re sure she’ll get there!

You can follow Judy on IMDb at http://www.imdb.me/judytheactress.

Watch her reels!

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