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Aloha FAMEily!

So here it is, the moment we've all been waiting for. The state has lifted the stay-at-home order and travel has once again opened up with some restrictions. First things first, the COVID swab. Is it crazy that I would rather stay grounded than get a stick shoved all the way up into my brain? LOL

However, I digress. I am so excited to see my outer island Ohana and look forward to a fresh start in the New Year! I plan on taking full advantage of 2021. Excited for new adventures, meeting new people again and learning about the world around me. So many thoughts are flooding my mind as I dream about what is just beyond the horizon. What's next? Who knows! The sky is the limit and the world is my oyster as they say!

Will you come with me on this journey? I invite you to join the Island Girl Adventures with me, Island Girl, every Friday!

Mahalo Ke Akua (Thank you God) for my Ohana (Family)!

A Hui Hou Kākou (until we meet again),

Island Girl



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