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Husks Announces New Single 'Connect' OUT 5.14.21!

Husks just released a live video of his previous single "You Will Find a Garden", and in conjunction announced his next track, "Connect" that's releasing May 14th.

Photo Credit: Amalia Gue; Amalialand

"Husks is a perfect combination of haunting and ethereal" - VENTS Magazine "(Husks) Fuses the remote aural nuances of ambient horror with electronic rhythms and progressive, textured patterns" - Tattoo.com

Brooklyn, NY- Husks is the brainchild of Brooklyn singer, producer, and composer Connor Small. A multi-instrumentalist, Small has a penchant for crafting dark, experimental electronic-pop atmospheres: fusing icy synths and booming industrial percussion with delicate, vulnerable vocals. His work is influenced by his religious upbringing, exploring themes of purity, anxiety, tension and isolation in the face of cosmic uncertainty. Husks is excited to share his new single, "Connect". Here's what he had to say about it: "Originally co-written with UK-based artist Lucas Rizzo for the 2020 Coffee Music Project songwriting contest, 'Connect' sprung from the prompt of 'life in 2020'. It focuses on the themes of a world in isolation, the disconnection of the digital age and a yearning for physical human connection. Written entirely remotely by two artists who, because of COVID-19, had never met in person - the song was borne out of a connection made online by two artists who were grappling with the rapidly changing methods of creating and releasing art".

Watch Husks' Live Video of "You Will Find A Garden" Here:




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