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LJ Ugarte first took an interest in acting around the age of 9 when his older sister, Marta, took him to see a production of the musical, “The Wizard Of Oz”.

“It was live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City to this day I can remember the sound of the audience applauding and thought, ‘someday I'll be on stage and will receive that same applauds’. Ever since then, I was able to master the craft of entertainment.”

Born on January 6, 1981, at Kings County Hospital In Brooklyn, New York, LJ was raised with two incredible parents from Puerto Rico.

“My family wasn't rich, but we weren't poor either. We were very happy. The holidays were always fun with lots of music, dancing and family coming over to visit. The apartment was always filled with people…” shared Ugarte.

Inspired by actors like Tom Hanks, Dean Martin, Marlon Brando, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Al Pacino, LJ has been focusing on working in the Entertainment Industry and honing his craft.

Working and producing the feature film, “The Gorenos”, a Horror film shot on location in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania was his most exciting project to-date.

“I had a blast working on that picture. I learned so much [about] how to produce a film, but the best part of making that movie was working with Ken Sagoes who I grew up watching on tv. He starred in both The Nightmare of Elm Street and Nightmare On Elm Street 4.”

LJ Ugarte looks like Michael B. Jordan from the Black Panther, but has often been compared to Actor Shamar Moore and Darryl Stevens from the TV Series, Noah’s Arc.

He is currently in development on a couple of feature films for 2021.

“The New Year is quite busy so far. The first project is a Comedy titled, ‘Can't Get Rite’, written and directed by comedian Marcus Head. The second is a drama called, ‘Sonya's Angel’. Production starts in Miami, Florida in a couple of weeks. I've also been in talks with Rex Tiumalu on a collaboration for this amazing story called, ‘The Spirit of Aloha’, which is still in the early stages.

LJ owns and operates a production company called Firecreek Entertainment LLC In South Florida, which originated as a Nightclub Promotional Company. He has since branched off into the Music and Entertainment Industries.

“We oversee the day to day Operations on film, as well as music productions both locally and domestically. I started Firecreek Entertainment 14 years ago and it's still going strong. Despite the pandemic, we were able to get more creative with Zoom.”

Firecreek Entertainment LLC was established in November of 2006 as a Nightclub Promotional Company.

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