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Captured In Australia!

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Have you ever just wanted to drop everything, travel the world, take adventures and make memories?

Sara Uduwela has done just that as a Traveling Photographer!

“Who am I? That’s a hard question.” Sara chuckles as she contemplates her answer to such a simple question.

“I got my creativity from my dad who was an Artist. Growing up, my family and I traveled a lot. We made yearly family trips and I really loved it. I knew as a child, I wanted to continue traveling.”

In college, Sara took a photography course, which really heightened her interest in capturing all the beauty this world had to offer. She began her career by photographing weddings and events, but in 2017 her life would take a new direction.

"I was really sick of the day-to-day hustle, fighting for photography work in California’s saturated market. One day I thought, 'forget this I'm out'! I decided I was going to do what makes me happy and that's exactly what I did."

“I quit my job in San Francisco and went on an eight month backpacking trip. I also, traveled all over Southeast Asia; Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand,Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia...everywhere, and I am now in Australia. Traveling is my happy place and I get to do what I love!”

Sara has won awards for the unique beauty and originality of her photos.

I won awards for street and music photography while I was still living in San Francisco. This was the APA Awards (San Francisco Sector)."

Sara is a very humble, soft spoken young lady, yet hungers for a deep sea, underwater adventure!

“My goal is to somehow get to Ningaloo Reef, which is in my opinion the best reef in Australia [along the East Indian Ocean]! I love sea animals, sharks being my favorite. I think sharks are completely misunderstood, they are just big fish! I am working on transitioning to be an underwater photographer! The health and preservation of Coral Reefs, as well as, keeping plastic out of our oceans are important to me. I want to make a change and I am going to start in Australia!”

Check out Sara’s Social Media pages and her website. No need to fear, Sara’s email is near for all purchasing needs! When you find a photo you love, just send her an email, it's that simple!

Once you scroll through her site, you’ll see that there is much more to Sara Uduwela! Cooking great meals and providing recipes for you to enjoy helps Sara and her followers stay healthy and feel great! Until Next time FAMEily!

Instagram: @saranaliniuduwela

Food: @sarsyumstagram (don’t really need to mention though)



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