Birthday Adventures

Has anyone else experienced planning a party during the coronavirus? It is NOT easy. ESPECIALLY when you're trying to plan a "Pool Party" with 1) no pool, 2) high cost for using water, 3) a fear of catching the coronavirus from family members, and 4) a small budget considering the financial affects the COVID outbreak has had on our pockets. Nevertheless, we will prevail!

So let's talk party supplies...Did you know that there are Amazon sellers that actually sell pools? Well I ordered one, but lucky for me, a family member pointed out that not only is the pool only 2 feet deep, but can comfortably fit all of ONE average sized adult lying prostrate in it. Talk about a #FAIL moment. Obviously, I immediately canceled the order, and began scouring the internet to find a full-sized pool and stumbled across a pop-up pool sold at Costco. Their deepest pool was 4 feet deep, THANK GOODNESS! Then the cost...good gracious!

That is the moment I decided, pool parties are overrated! LOL Bring on the slip-n-slide, water ring toss, balloon toss, bubble machines, cotton candy maker and water gun fights! Our family pool party has effectively turned into a "Water Sports Party". Now to figure out how to party together while social distancing...hmmm. Guess I'll have to keep you all updated on part 2 of planning a party in the midst of COVID! Haha

See you all next week for our "Talk Story Sessions" with yours truly, Island Girl. Aloha!!!

A Hui Hou Kākou (until we meet again), Island Girl


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