Acting Resumes!

While this may not be your typical job application process, applying for an acting gig still requires an "Acting Resume". Unlike regular jobs, however, you do not want to list EVERYTHING you've ever done as an actor, but rather, the "Speaking Roles" you've booked. If you're new to acting, you probably don't have this. It is more likely that you would have only booked background work, which is not what casting directors want to see on your resumes. However, if you have nothing else, it is acceptable.

As with our previous entertainment article, this is when listing classes you've taken to hone your talent will really come in handy, as it will allow them to know that you ARE new to the industry, but that you are working on growing your skill set.

Another really important thing to note is the special talents portion you should include on your acting resume. This will tell them about unique abilities or skills that you possess, which could give you an edge over other actors. For example, say they're looking for an actor who can ride a horse for a Feature Film near you. If there is an actor who has more screen time you, but does not know how to ride a horse, you have a better chance at potentially being picked up for a role. So make sure that while you work on your acting talents, you also make time to hone other skill sets as well.

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