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There is a saying that goes, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade". This concept of taking something that is sour and turning it into something sweet can be applied to every faucet of our lives. Whether it's actual lemons or conflict in our relationships with others, it's the choices we make every day that will determine what comes out of each situation.


Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Host of the popular podcast "Unleash Your Inner Creative", Lauren LoGrasso, is the kind of woman who not only accepts these challenges, but she turns it into fuel to propel her forward. With her bewitchingly gorgeous looks and incredible ability to overcome struggle, she has invested her energy into her latest project, "Freakshow".


It is a song about mental health, anxiety, and learning to accept the good and bad parts of who you are. And despite the issues we all face, choosing to stick with, accept and love ourselves.


When writing the song, Lauren admitted that what started as a song about a quarrel between friends, quickly turned into a song about introspection, acceptance and empowerment.


"By the time I finished this song, it had transformed into a conversation between, let's say, me and my higher-self. It's about how I'm here making these mistakes, stumbling and freaking out, but my higher-self comes in and says 'hey babe, you're gonna be ok'."


Spurred on by her own struggles and always open to sharing her personal journey in learning to overcome them, she has used her experiences to write "Freak Show". Lauren hopes to encourage and inspire listeners to keep pushing, keep striving and to keep going. 


The song releases on Friday, October 2, 2020 and a new music video for it will be released soon after!


Moving forward, Lauren hopes to continue helping creatives through her podcasts and interviews, as well as encouraging everyone to love themselves no matter their faults. Aspiring to become a published author in 2022, we are in awe of this truly remarkable woman!

You can follow Lauren on Social Media and watch her YouTube videos as well!

Website: https://www.laurenlograsso.com

Podcast: https://www.laurenlograsso.com/podcast


Special shout out to co-writer and producer of "Freakshow" @jeffbova.


"He's so awesome! Truly an angelic human being who I feel so blessed to work with and who I call family!" ~ Lauren LoGrasso

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