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A Diamond Heart Production

Written by: Rachel Cruz

Photos by Michelle LoBianco

Like a true diamond in the rough, singer, songwriter, artists developer, Vanessa Silberman is making the music world a much better place!

From a young age, Vanessa began discovering her love of music. She grew up split between living in the California Bay Area and in Hawaii on the island of Kauai, and like all locals will tell you, music plays a major role in the heart of the Hawaiian culture. She was also surrounded by friends and their families who were into music (one friend particularly played guitar in 5th grade and had parents who had a family band and rehearsal studio that inspired her to get her first guitar),some even had access to MTV or parents who were into bands like Nirvana. Wherever the music came from, Vanessa would quickly gravitate towards it.


Eventually she would end up pursuing her passion for music, living in LA for many years, as well as living on the road and touring the country for 3 1/2 years and then moving to New York, recently, to continue building on her career. Early on she interned at a variety of jobs within the music industry to grow her knowledge and familiarize herself with the different aspects of it. One thing she always knew is that one day she wanted to start her own label. Eventually, her desire to do something about this passion of hers won out and she created her own label called, "A Diamond Heart Production." It is an Artist Development Label, Recoding, Music & Publishing Company.


If she believes an artist or a band to be ready, focused, hard-working and committed to their careers, and if their music is something she can support, she will work closely with them to aid them in developing different aspects of their career depending on their needs. As you can see on the company website, this can included many things from helping artists set up releases, making release and tour plans, booking, PR/press pitching, pre pro, branding, helping with bios, setting up recording session, etc.

"I want to give artists and bands a home before they're ready for a bigger deal. No matter what their goals or aspirations are, I want to help them to prepare for their next steps, whether it's signing with a bigger label or management company, or going on tour. I just want to help them to put the pieces together so they are ready and confident to take their careers in their own hands and to take it to the next level!"


Vanessa empowers artists by teaching them what they need to do and how to do it, even on their own, so they can create and cultivate their vision and the music careers.


"There's a lot of planning ahead you need to do to get ready for the next steps and I'm very passionate about helping musicians to prepare for what's coming as well as figuring out what they want to create."


If you are interested in learning more you can check out "A Diamond Heart Production" at and contact them for a quote on one of their custom packages.

Every artist is different and has different needs. I help them to develop a plan depending on those needs.


"Don't wait to do what you desire to do or are passionate about. Do it now! Go for what's really in your heart. Now's the perfect time to stop thinking about it, and to start acting on it!"

~ Vanessa Silberman

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