Phenomenal Beauty, Phenomenal Talent!

Photo by Rupert Thorpe

Talk about turning up the heat, powerhouse bombshell, Rachel Lorin, is just as beautiful as she is talented. Starting her music career off on Oxygen's reality show, The Next Big Thing, Rachel was destined for greatness!

Born and raised in Atlanta, her life seemed to be nothing but “rainbows and sunshine”. She had a happy home life with parents who deeply loved and adored her, but school...well, that was another story.


"I don't really have a sad story about my home life like many artists do today. I feel very fortunate to have been given the most loving and supportive parents. They've always done anything and sacrificed everything they could to help me. What was really hard for me growing up was the bullying. Kids can just be so mean and it was really hard for me when I was younger because I was bullied A LOT!"

Andrew Cole - Rachel Lorin

Even at a young age, Rachel was being hired for modeling gigs and traveling for amazing opportunities that would be presented to her. This left very little time for establishing close friendships with other kids her age. And though it was hard, and at times lonely, Rachel continued to pursue her dreams!


Classically trained in Opera, Rachel would continue to hone her vocal skills, and would eventually meet Don Lawrence, Lady Gaga's Vocal Coach, at the age of 12.


"When I was younger, I used to think that Don was so evil and he used to make me cry so much. But after you get to know him, you realize that he's really such an amazing guy!"


Rachel has recently released her new single, "Kerosene" on May 1, 2020, and IT IS FIRE!!!


"We've all been through heartbreak and hard times in relationships, which is where the inspirations for the lyrics in this song came from."

Keith Celentano - Rachel Lorin
Keith Celentano - Rachel Lorin
Keith Celentano - Rachel Lorin

The Music Video for "Kerosene", which was temporarily put on hold due to the coronavirus epidemic, will be completed by the end of this month!


"I'm so excited about this video because it really does show the "Empowerment" aspect when going through a breakup. I hope it will uplift others and let them know they're not alone."


Being an independent artist, Rachel has worked hard at finding ways to push and promote her music, as well as collaborating with other artists in different industries to complete projects like her music video. From creating impeccable music, to marketing herself on social media and other platforms, and even the professionalism with which she conducts herself during interviews, you can really see that she takes nothing for granted!


After the heartbreaking and tragic loss of her father, Rachel has only gotten stronger. She takes life by the horns and digs in deep, challenging herself to improve and finding ways to adapt to the times. This new album shows her newly branded style, which she is very proud of! It is raw, real, and truly a reflection of her kick-butt personality!


"My music isn't about numbers or about FAME. It's about the people it touches, and I feel so grateful to hear that this song has managed to help several people already."


Rachel continues to grow as an artist and singer and we are so excited to watch her star rise!


To follow Rachel on social media: @rachellorinmusic and subscribe to her newsletter at www.rachellorinmusic.com.

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Photo by Keith Celentano

Photo by Nicola Angelos

Photo by Keith Celentano

Photo by Keith Celentano

Photo by Keith Celentano

Photo by Andrew Cole

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