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Powerhouse Woman!

Story by Janie Gallegos

No manager, no agent, no problem! Introducing singer, pianist, author, creator of “Lil Kristi’s” and single mom, Kristine Mirelle! This is a real person...facts! For less than $20.00, Kristine will give you ALLLLL the tools you will need to succeed in this harsh world of the music biz!


Kristine was born in Hobbs, New Mexico on August 15, 1985 to a family where money didn’t matter as long as you were happy and healthy!


Her mother gave birth to this incredible woman at the tender age of 17. This proved challenging as money was tight, leaving Kristine's father to support his family. Kristine’s dad worked at his father’s tortilla factory making only $100 per week. He’d eventually go on to open his own factory later in life and called it “El Charro”, which is still in business today! Kristine, her brother Michael and her sister True kept themselves busy playing outside while their dad worked and their mom handled the home life. Growing up with all boy cousins, Kristine was quite the tomboy!


“I didn’t start dressing like a girl until I was 13!” Kristine giggles as she recalls getting dirty and playing rough.


These boys didn’t sway her passion for entertainment in any way, not that they tried. She knew what she wanted and was ready to go for it!


Although there wasn’t a money tree in Kristine’s backyard, her talent tree was beginning to bloom and she didn’t even know it! Keeping little fingers busy is what Mrs. Mirelle was best at. Kristine’s parents invested ALL of their money in a piano… best idea ever! At ONLY 4 years old, Kristine would play this piano as often as she could. She recalls listening to composers and being inspired by the skills they possessed. Kristine also began competing in contests and she was good at it! Her love for music had been planted and her passion for the keys continued to sharpen.


For a moment, she recalled living in New Mexico at a young age and feeling out of place.


“I always see white female artists in magazines and on TV.” She started. “I was self-conscious because my skin is brown, my hair is brown and my eyes are big. Then, I saw a magazine with Jennifer Lopez and I thought, ‘WOW! Latin women CAN do this too! This was the first time I had seen a latin woman in a magazine before and it was someone brown, like me!” Kristine was now more determined than ever to push forward and make all of her dreams come true.


She has continued making music throughout the years and has now begun to record and sell them door to door! After fine tuning her piano skills, she is ready for the next stage in her career.


Since money is always a necessary aspect in business endeavors, she decided to ask her father for a job, which he rejected, but she knew she had to make money somehow.


“My dad’s solution was to make your own tortillas!” She laughed, so she did! In 2010, Kristine started making chips and salsa as well as selling them in a local grocery store in Roswell, NM. She called it “Lil Kristie’s” and although she is no longer making her own tortillas, Lil Kristies is here to stay! You can satisfy your munching needs at select supermarkets everywhere, including Sprouts and WholeFoods. Kristine also has a website for her yummy snacks which are a secret family recipe! They are extra delicious and a must have in my book!

She has invested all of her effort into funding her! At only 25 years old, this incredible woman has already visited six different countries! She spends her time spreading her love of music and encouraging others to do the same as well! Kristine has decided to remain a truly independent artist relying on her own hard work and effort to get ahead, instead of getting a manager or talent agent to represent her.

“I can’t be told what to do. I don’t want to be controlled,” she expressed with conviction.

As a result, Kristine has done everything solo! She remembers the struggles and how she overcame them and over the years, she’s found a way to channel that knowledge into inspiration. She not only pursues her own musical aspirations, but she also helps other artists to chase their dreams without being controlled as well!


“I remember being so broke and hot! I had a car with no A/C in 120 degree heat and at home, I had a water bottle that I had to spray myself with just to cool down.”


Times were rough at times, which made Kristine even more determined to succeed and to help others do the same. What makes Kristine happy? Everything!


She is truly one of the most positive human beings I have ever met!


Kristine learned how to book herself in singing competitions! She submitted an application for the XFactor and made it!

So, of course, I had to ask, “How intimidating is Simon Cowell really? Because he literally scares me from my couch!”


Kristine’s response through an onslaught of giggles was, “Simon Cowell was actually really nice and that alone was great!” She went on to share how Simon gave great feedback and liked her auditions. She may not have won the competition, but she feels she still won!


Post XFactor, Kristine continues doing what she loves, which is booking and singing at gigs, and traveling. She even volunteers some of her traveling time to aiding children in Africa and India.

If that wasn’t enough, a curveball would soon hit this up-and-coming artist...a baby! Now, do you think that becoming a new single mom, while pursuing a music career, is hard? Well, it is for most people, but not for Kristine! Although pregnancy emotions tend to be looked down on, Kristine used it as fuel! She has taken her precious 7-month-old baby to London and anywhere else she goes!


“I LOVE having him with me! And whenever I have any additional free time, I'll be with my son. He is my world!”


Her most recent feat? A 25 city tour which just ended. It was a non-profit project that she used to help fund continued efforts for Africa and India. Her love for children is unexplainable. She strives to help each child live their best life. It is absolutely beautiful! The children from India helped her to create a video that she posted on her website. Be sure to check it out!


She invested many YEARS of research to help further her career. She is successful at booking gigs, concerts, venues and the like. She’s even working on a headliner show in Vegas right now….on her own….with again, NO MANAGER!


For you artists on-the-rise and looking to further your careers, Kristine has released FOUR BOOKS IN A YEAR! Each book is filled with information EVERY ARTIST needs. Spoiler alert: CONTACT EMAILS AND NAMES ARE INCLUDED. She has done all the work and research for you! You just got to get this book! Literally, a book with over 1200 colleges that pay you to play for them, And did I mention that the contact information is ALREADY THERE for YOU? Would you like a teaser from her next book? It’s about high school gigs and how to become a speaker! In it, she explains that everything she does is to help others! She wants to make money and show others how to do it as well. It's a rough life out there and we all need a little help sometimes. She gets it, and if that’s you, Kristine wants you to know that you are not alone!


Alongside her amazing books, Kristine offers FREE TUTORIALS and WEBINARS! What’s the benefit? Well, she was blessed with a new student and she helped him to book 6 shows in 9 days, guiding him every step of the way. That's all he needed, a little bit of KNOWLEDGE. He is now standing on his own two feet as his own boss, while still pursuing his dream career.


“I want to empower people!” Kristine shares.


If you haven’t heard Kristine’s angelic voice, you’re missing out! She is a gem and a really good person! She just wants to make the world a better place for all, and we believe that she’s off to a great start! I’ve learned more about booking in one hour than I have ever learned solo. Kristine’s motivation, positivity and knowledge are PRICELESS! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about her as much as we have. Now go get her book and land you some gigs!


Fun Facts:


Q: What’s the story behind Kristine’s pink hair?

A: There is no significance on the pink hair! Kristine actually wanted red bangs but her hairdresser only had pink. Decisions to do more and more pink were made until she decided to stop. That's it :) Kristine admits that she really needs a cooler story. Like maybe half of her hair is fake and was ripped off by a weed eater! HAHA


Q: What do you do in your free time?

A: She doesn’t have much of that! “I’m a workaholic and I am helping someone all day everyday! I do one on ones’ as well as online tutorials. Any free time I have goes straight to my son. But what I love to do is eat and travel! Give me some food and let me travel and I’m happy!”


Q: What are some of your pet peeves?



Q: What else do you have coming up?

A: Kristine is currently working with Frankie Moreno on a headliner show in Vegas, coming up with great ideas for her new book, and working on her newest album.


Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: Kristine lives a healthy vegan lifestyle. This includes Cauliflower buffalo bites and Fettuccini Alfredo with cashew cheese. Yum!!!


Q: Which language is your favorite to sing in?

A: “That’s a hard one! They are so different. Spanish music makes me want to dance and it’s sexy, but I think English is probably my favorite.”


Q: What’s your favorite song?

A: ”Block to Block” by Amy Winehouse.


Q: Would you like to share your most embarrassing moment?

A: “Sure! I was on stage performing and my ONLY job was to squirt a water gun. But when it was my turn to shoot the water gun, I peed on myself. There was a big puddle of pee under me!” We both died laughing!


After having this incredible opportunity to talk with Kristine, it is obvious what a strong and wonderful person she is! You’ve got to check her out! It will change your life!


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