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Give Them Lala w/ Randall

That’s not all this fiery ball of goodness has going on! “Give them Lala Beauty” is happening on a PC near you! Lauren to Lala, learn all about her journey, including what's next! CALL IN TODAY at1-866-LaLa-Pod

Lauren (Lala Kent) Burningham was born on September 2,1990 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Kent and Lisa Burningham. Older brother Brandon finally had a little sister and soon, Easton would bless this family. How’s the fam you ask? “Good! They are in Utah staying quarantined.”


Lala wishes they could be together but finds peace in knowing they are all “safe”.


She recalled living in a cul de sac full of, “cultural differences. One neighbor was Atheist, one was Mormon,” and so on. This proved to be hard when it came to making friends. “You can’t be friends with the Mormon kid if you’re not Mormon.” But this isn’t where she would be forever and Lala knew it. 

“I knew at a young age that I wanted to get out of here (Utah). I wanted to do something cooler than everyone else. I didn’t want to just do the normal, like go to school, then go to college, get married and have kids. That’s cool and all, but that’s just not for me.”


Lala had a plan and was determined to make it happen! At 12 years old, Lala told her mom, “I wanna be like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen!” Mom’s response is the best, “sign up for acting classes.”


Lala laughed as she explained, “My mom is NOT a stage mom. Everything I did, I did myself! I called people and made cold calls myself asking if they would represent me.” This was all in preparation for Lala’s future and she knew it. She was happy to do all the work herself if this meant a future in acting!

Although Lala wasn’t the most popular girl in high school, picking maxi pads off of her car and getting bullied gave her the sharp tongue we all love today.


“I was too classy to get physical. I’m not placing blame on bullying, but eventually people knew that if they came to me I would snapback! When I would leave for school , my mom would say, ‘be nice today Lauryn,’ instead of ‘have a good day.’”


Lala’s highschool counselor tried extremely hard to get Lala into college.


“At least once a month my counselor would call me into the office to ask when I was taking my SATs. I always had the same answer for her, ‘I’m moving to LA and I am going to be famous,I don't need to take the SATs!’”


Finally, after months of non-stop inquiries, Lala gave her counselor a new response.


“I’m going to go to the University of Hawaii!”

Thrilled by the change of heart, she scheduled Lala to take the SATs, but did Lala finally take them?


“I bailed on that!” She shared as we both laughed. “I wasn’t going to take SATs, I was going to go to LA and I was going to be famous!” 


After graduating High School at 18, Lala grabbed a suitcase and moved to LA. It was a lot harder than she’d imagined and ended up moving back home. She attended community college and works at a job she couldn’t wait to get away from! She would once again pack a SINGLE suitcase and move back to LA! 


23 years old and more determined than ever to make this work, Lala got busy!


“I rented a room for $100/month, did a few rinky dink independent films that I knew would help me to get to where I wanted to be. And I did it all myself. When I got to LA I began cold calls. I called everyone and went to a ton of auditions. A lot of times I was told no, but I knew I had to keep going. It was rough!”

Written by: Janie Gallegos

Photos by Logan Noh

Lala went on to explain the amount of hours she had to put into trying to find work, including side work as a “fit model”.


“You are told to come in complete hair and make-up but then they cut off your head!”


Her last audition before Vanderpump Rules was for a target commercial that would change her career path entirely.


“When I walked into the audition, one question I was asked, was how many social media followers did I have?”


Being new to the industry without much of a resume, let alone a following, Lala felt defeated and left the audition. She ended up at SUR, a well-known restaurant and bar in LA, to drink away her audition blues with her besties from Utah who were servers there.


“I have been going to SUR since I was like 17, but this time Lisa Vanderpump approached me and asked if I wanted a job there. They needed to hire a host.”


She gladly accepted and BAM!!! You are now blessed with Lala Kent!


Lala is now a host at SUR and a part of the Vanderpump Rules cast. Life is starting to look up for the young Lala, then tragedy strikes. Her father suffered a stroke and some time later, he passed away. As tears rolled down her face, she recalled precious memories about her father.


“I missed the call when my dad had his stroke (causing an accident). Then, I missed the call that my father had passed.”


Because of these pivotal moments, Lala now sleeps with her “phone under my pillow”, which shows the compassion and vulnerability that this firecracker encompasses.


She continues by sharing a story about how she and fiance, Randall Emmett, took her father out for his birthday.


“We went to a club and saw Warren G! It was a great time and this was only three weeks after his stroke.” At that moment she thought, “My dad looks normal, but I could lose him at any time! Unless you have lost a parent, you have no idea how it feels. [My father] won't be there to walk me down the aisle or see the birth of my kids.”


Alcohol was Lala’s tool for coping and with her father’s passing, her alcohol use increased. 


One day, after drinking a lot in the midst of her depression, she woke up to an empty house. Her mother, brother, and his girlfriend had all left.


“I remember thinking, ‘you are an alcoholic! Get over yourself and get help!’”


This was on October 22, 2018. She marched over to her fiance’s office and exclaimed, ”I am an alcoholic and I need help!” Randall has been Lala’s rock and she hasn’t had a drink since! After having every part of her life controlled by alcohol, to being clean and sober, Lala’s life has taken a significant turn for the better! She is now engaged and a wonderful step-mother to “two awesome kids”. She is actively working on a beauty line called “Give Them Lala Beauty,” and has some AMAZING products that are all part of her Cruelty Free Brand!


“You don't actually know if animals have touched your product. People can tell you that but, I wanted to MAKE SURE not one animal was touched with my products! I have new palettes coming out and new lippies, including colors for Stassi, Brittany and Katie!”

Her new podcast “Give Them Lala with Randall” came out this year! If you want to talk to your friend about real issues, you would love this!


“The podcast was created to help Randall get more comfortable with being on the show.”


Randall Emmett is a Movie Producer for movies such as The Irishman, 2 Guns and Silence.


“I hate it when people say I am with Randall for his money! I have seen money come and go a million times. I dont want his money. I met Rand at SUR. I was hosting and he sent his assistant to get my information. My big ego (at the time) was like, ‘Yea he only wants to get to me cause I’m on Vanderpump!’” Lala giggles at her own thoughts.


It wasn’t until three months later that this perfect duo would have dinner in New York and they’ve been “inseparable ever since”!


“We want to show people that he is not a ‘sugar daddy’! We have true love and we live a real life! We are not just on TV or an Instagram Status. We have feelings and do everything normal people do. We just want people to see who we really are. We interact with our fans and we have special guests.”


We joked about her random aspirations, like talking to the oldest living person.


“It’s raw and real. I am an open book so no topic scares me. We get lots of voicemail submissions, but we can only pick a few. That is really hard but we take what we think would be the most interesting! I wish we could take them all. People can call in with any question!”


Lala is sweet and caring and guess what guys...she is a real life, down-to-earth person!


“I have THE COOLEST GO HARD FANS!” Her advice, “Just don’t take life too seriously.”


Their podcast airs every Wednesday morning and you can stream it online from their website https://www.radio.com/media/podcast/give-them-lala-with-randall.


“After all the craziness is over with the virus, we will be doing a live tour for the fans.” Woohoo!!!!


Lala attests that Randall is doing great on Vanderpump, “He won’t admit it but, he loves it. He and the guys have a very strong bromance going.” She giggles as she talks about her love loosening up to the team. “He always asks me, ‘Babe, am I going to be in this episode?’” We both laugh as she states, “he is doing so much better”.


So what's next for the ex-Vanderpump host?


“I am expanding my beauty line as well as working on a skin creme. I won’t put anything out there unless I like it and I can wear it on my face!”


Also be on the lookout for her new movie Axis Sally. Lala will be playing opposite of Al Pacino.


“My lifelong dream, the one person I always wanted to play the opposite of [Al Pacino]. I am so excited!”

This movie is produced by Randall Emmett and is about an American woman named Mildred who broadcasts propaganda during World War II. The GI’s loved, and hated, Mildred who they dubbed Axis Sally. The plot twists as you are taken deep into the darkness of the Third-Reich’s hate filled propaganda machine. Sally is captured and brought to trial for treason after the war.



The question we all want to know, when is the gosh darn wedding?!!! “Dude, the wedding is pushed back. We will wait until we can get everyone safe and in one place, then we will discuss another wedding date. It’s so sad, I had everything ready to go, but we are hoping for July!” 


Lala is a beautiful, sharp-tongued, fiery yet a reserved and caring person. Check out her sites and show some love and support to this incredible woman! Until next time FAMEily!


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