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Photo 2 Credit Gilles Toucas.tiff
Photo 2 Credit Gilles Toucas.tiff

Photo by Gilles Toucas

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Vanessa Williams

Class, Sophistication, Style and Strength...Vanessa Williams does it all!


The world of Fashion, Arts, Music & Entertainment packaged in one extremely talented and gorgeous woman. Let’s dive right in!


Vanessa’s taste of Fashion started as a young girl when her mother taught her how to use a sewing machine to add style to her clothing.


“My mother would teach me how to sew patches onto my jeans and jackets to personalize my clothes. She also taught me needlepoint and how to use the sewing machine because she was also very creative herself.”


Being teachers themselves, Vanessa’s parents would turn everything into a learning experience for her and her brother, with the goal that their children would become as independent as possible.


Today, Vanessa has a successful clothing line called “V” which launched in July of 2019 and is now introducing its first Spring Collection. “V” is a combination of wearable styles that are sophisticated, comfortable, easy to wear and easy to travel with. Every piece is created with the customers in mind.


“During the design process, I try to think about women like my mother who is 80 now and still very active. She mentors and still holds conferences for various organizations, so I try to design for her and her gal pals!” She laughed. “Then I think about my age range. We need some sophisticated, comfortable and easy to wear stuff, which is also simple enough to travel with. And, of course, I always have pieces for our younger generation. I have three daughters, all different ages, and I try to keep them in mind when I’m designing. They have their own needs, likes and wants as well, so I try to create designs and styles that really speak to them.”


While the development and vision of “V” Fashion has been exciting for Vanessa, she also openly shared a bit about some of the stress and frustrations designers face during this process.


“You work really hard creating designs and fashions with the customers in mind, but then the buyer has to come in and give their input based on what their client’s wants and needs are also. At this point we end up having to re-design our pieces and compromise until we can marry creativity with commerce.”


Have we mentioned that it is absolutely affordable? Vanessa’s clothing is not just multigenerational, but she also strives to meet the aesthetic needs and budgets of every woman. You can see her latest designs and fashions on HSN.


What does the future hold for “V” Designs? There is a possibility of footwear coming, which would be phenomenal, but Vanessa did say that there will be jewelry “for sure” added to her collections as well. We absolutely cannot wait and will be on the lookout for all things “V”!

HSN | Vanessa Williams Fashions 09.23.2019 - 06 PM
HSN | Vanessa Williams Fashions 09.23.2019 - 06 PM
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Inside HSN Style with Vanessa Williams
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HSN | Vanessa Williams Fashion Premiere 07.11.2019 - 11 PM
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