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Disney is where dreams come true and that’s the reality for young starlet, Isabella Blake-Thomas.

Isabella began her acting career on a TV show, The Green Balloon Club, in the UK at the tender age of 4.

“I was one of the presenters of the show and we taught kids about helping the planet and recycling.”

With a mother who taught drama in the UK, it’s no surprise she developed a love for acting early on.

“I remember the day I learnt that acting meant you got to be whoever you wanted to be and try whatever you wanted as a career. I could be a fairy who flew or an old fashioned pilot. [That’s when] I realized that’s all I wanted to do,” shared Isabella.

In fact, “trying lots of different things that she wouldn’t normally do in her everyday life” has become her favorite part of her chosen career path.

“There are lots of stunts in Secret Society and being able to perform and train for those was something I wouldn’t have thought about doing. I also love getting to be lots of different people and have life experiences as someone else. You also get to experience and see different places and cultures. When you work on a project, it’s often like finding a new family and a new set of friends. It is an incredible bonding experience.”

However, the road to success in this industry isn’t an easy one. We asked what her greatest struggle has been for her as an actress, and here’s what she had to say…

“All of the “no’s”. In this industry, you get one yes for every hundred no’s and it can be deflating. When I feel down because I didn’t book a role I really wanted, or because it was between me and one other person and they booked it instead of me, I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and that booking a role isn’t really about me. They could’ve chosen someone else because she had different eyes to me. It can be something that simple. It is important to remember that you are there to help the director find the right person for the job, if that isn’t you, then it isn’t you.”

So much wisdom for such a young soul. While not in isolation, Isabella hones her craft by studying the Meisner technique at an actor’s studio.

“ is super helpful, especially when I throw myself into a role that feels distant from my real self. It helps me connect to a situation in a way that wouldn’t necessarily stand out at first glance. I also have a fantastic audition instructor. He helps me self-tape and work through my auditions.”

Isabella Blake-Thomas.png

Photo by Dean Foreman

Her latest project, Disney’s “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals”, debuted on September 25, 2020. It was an opportunity she dreamed of and was so excited to have booked!

Here’s what she shared about her experience!

Q: What was the audition process like for this show? Were you nervous?

A: Surprisingly, the audition process for me wasn’t super long. I read in front of casting 4 or 5 times and then had a producer callback. I remember the day I booked the job. I was filming another project. We were out shooting and the service was spotty so I hadn’t seen that my agent and manager had tried to call me. When I rang them back, they asked if I wanted to live in Toronto for a couple of months, I freaked out because I knew that meant I had the job. I cried with happiness for hours and hours. I was nervous about auditioning because it’s Disney. It’s such an iconic film family that I really wanted the role.

Q: What's it like being Princess January?

A: A dream come true. January is essentially the Disney version of me. She’s full of light and joy and for people that don’t know me, she is basically me. January is happy and bubbly but she has relatable struggles underneath it all and it’s one of the reasons I fell in love with her. She’s not just a picture perfect princess, she goes through problems just like the rest of us and it makes her all the more loveable.

Q: How do you identify with her as a character?

A: I identify with her because she makes the best of every situation. No matter how tough it is. She befriends people immediately and makes them smile. She relates to everyone she talks to because she has been through lots and experienced things you wouldn’t have guessed. She also has a deeper side to her that means she really listens and understands what and where people have come from. She gives people time to blossom and doesn’t judge anyone.

Q: What's been your favorite experience on the set of Secret Society of Second-Born Royals?

A: That would be the super powers. Doing the stunts was a blast. I got to train for weeks before we actually got onto set, so by the time I filmed my stunt scenes, I felt like I actually had real superpowers. The stunt coordinators taught us how to free-run and fight train, it was amazing!

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Photo by Dean Foreman

Isabella aspires to be “in a Marvel movie” someday!

“I’m bingeing the entire Marvel Universe at the moment and it’s making me love it even more. Secret Society is one step closer right? First character with super powers. I think I’m on the right track.”

Her other goals include strong female characters who she hopes will be different from herself, or share similar interests.

“It’s fun if my characters are able to be different from me as Isabella because that also pushes me as an actress so I can learn something new. I also enjoy playing characters that have skills similar to mine. I’m learning to fly a Cessna 172 [plane] and so one of my future characters would be able to fly a plane. I also speak other languages, it would be fun to do an entire movie in another language. That is what’s so great about film, there are so many opportunities.”

With dreams as specific as these, or even as simple as “being happy” in her life, we are sure Isabella will captivate the hearts of onlookers as well. To learn more, you can follow her on social media, as well as checking her out on IMDb. And don’t forget to watch Disney's "Secret Society of Second-Born Royals"!

Watch the trailer here!

You can also check out Isabella Blake-Thomas on IMDb!


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