"Hollywood Walk of Fame"

Celebrities Earn Their Stars!

Photos provided by Ana Martinez

People all over the world know about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but did you ever wonder how celebrities get their stars?

Meet the powerhouse woman behind this incredible event, Ana Martinez.

Selected as one of “The Most Powerful Women” in People En Espanol magazine a few years ago, Ana has remained hard at work planning and organizing this event every year. Her journey began in college where she majored in Communications with a PR option and a Spanish Minor.

She graduated from college and began working at CBS Television as a page, but would eventually find herself out of work after the network suffered a major layoff. She moved on to work as a receptionist at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and that’s where fate would open the doors for her. After only 6 months  of working on press releases and helping with organizing the ceremonies for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, an exciting opportunity presented itself. Ana, who was typically shy and reserved, would find her voice and become the next head of the media relations department at the Chamber and becoming the Vice President and producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame!


So how does it work?

There is an Annual Meeting in June which the committee conducts in person. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down businesses and events globally, they’ve decided to push forward with virtual meetings for their nomination process.

Submission deadlines were in May and nominations are based on the following categories:

  • Longevity in the field of entertainment

  • Awards and nominations  

  • Charitable work they’ve done

That’s right folks, the nominees have to earn their stripes and pay their dues. The stars must also be sponsored and celebrities need to be involved in really giving back to the community!

Who votes?

Their peers! Other Walk of Famers vote on the nominees that are selected by the committee. This year’s committee members are:


  • Recording - LL Cool Jay


  • Television - Vanessa Williams


  • Motion Pictures - Joe Mantegna


  • Live Theater Entertainment - Kristin Chenoweth


  • Radio - Elvis Duran


  • Committee Chair - Ellen K

They also have a new website that they are promoting! Go to to learn all things about this exciting annual event!

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame

Are you a Hollywood Walk of Fame hopeful? Here’s some advice for Ana herself!

“You have to persevere, you have to push, you have to keep reaching and working hard to get it. So many people try and it doesn’t happen. But you just have to keep going, keep pushing and keep reaching. Eventually, you’ll get there!”

Don’t forget to follow the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Facebook & Instagram! And look out for their Trivia Challenge in honor of their 60th Anniversary.

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