Christine Blanchette

Photos by David Naman

Wardrobe: Malary's Fashion Network

MUA: Sammy Tomita

Venue: Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

Earrings: Shelley Leonhardt

Christine Blanchette

Producer, Host & Entrepreneur, Christine Blanchette talks about growing up, her current projects and gives advice for aspiring artists!


Born in Ontario, and growing up in Quebec, Christine was nurtured in her creativity by her mother who was also a creative.

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“She was a seamstress, loved crafts and loved to dance. She was a very creative person who always told me that she supported me and believed in what I was doing,” says Blanchette.


Christine has had an incredible career in each of the four industries of Fashion, Arts, Music & Entertainment. Each has overlapped the other and allowed her to connect and perform on so many different platforms.


She has done runway shows and fashion photoshoots to promote clothing companies like Malarys and Firmawear Energywear.


Through networking and building solid relationships with industry veterans, Christine would eventually find herself conducting interviews at prestigious red carpet events with many celebrities.

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Photo by Daniela Spector

From there she would eventually pitch and create her own shows like “The Closing Act,” a music show that has giving musicians an opportunity to showcase their music.


“Not everyone has a chance to be on a platform, so I want to give them that opportunity,” says Christine.


A true advocate for musicians, Christine has dedicated her time, effort and energy to creating a platform that makes each episode all about these artists. The show is in its third season and is still going strong.


Christine now owns her own productions company called Christine Blanchette Productions and welcomes artists to reach out to her with their project pitches.


You can contact Christine at

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For those of you aspiring artists who hope to break into these industries, Christine has some advice for you:


“Believe in yourself. Find a mentor who you can learn from and remember to be transparent.”

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