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Hawaiian Native & CEO/FOUNDER of FAME Magazine Global takes a stand against domestic abuse through her new single & music video "Creepin' Under My Skin".


Cruz's New Single & Video dropped on October 1, 2021 and has already made a huge impact on listeners. victims, survivors and advocates for change.

Teaming up with local Non-Profit Organization, PACT Hawaii, Rachel uses her music to Empower victims of domestic abuse to BREAK FREE!


HAWAII – November 4, 2021 – Up and coming actor, singer, songwriter, Rachel Cruz, released the official music video for, “Creepin’ Under My Skin” Friday, October 1, 2021; the start of Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. The track is off of her recently released single, "Creepin’ Under My Skin".

Working with Grammy-nominated music producer, Imua Garza of Zeo Music, Rachel was able to bring this hard hitting alt/pop/rock music production to life.

"The Mooster has the innate ability to understand what I'm hearing in my head and recreate them during the production process. Working with a producer who knows what he's doing and genuinely cares about helping you to bring your music to life is EVERYTHING! I'm forever grateful for the roles that Imua (aka The Mooster) & my best friend, his wife, Tiffany Garza (aka Da Tiff-Mistah) have played in my life. They literally helped me to begin my journey in the Music Industry over a decade ago, and we are! I love them so much!"

Imua Garza

Photo Credit: Mike Vidales

The Music Video was Produced by American Film & Television Director, Bryan Spicer, owner of Sight & Sound Hawaii, whose credits include shows such as Bones, Prison Break, Magnum P.I., Hawaii Five-0, and more. Directed by Fairai Richmond and shot in Honolulu, Hawaii. “Creepin’ Under My Skin” talks about the mental struggle, emotional rollercoaster and chaotic cycle of abuse. It answers the question of why victims stay in abuse, and expresses the inner turmoil of their journey towards trying to break free from it. Rachel’s new music video portrays real life survivors of Domestic Abuse and sends a message of Empowerment to those still fighting to overcome their current situation.

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A portion of the proceeds will be donated to PACT Hawaii to help Women & Children of Domestic Abuse!


“They say hurt people, hurt people. I found that to be so true, but I also believe that Empowered people, Empower people. Breaking Free and Healing from the toxic cycle of abuse is absolutely possible. Some people just need a little help to get the courage to find their path to freedom. I hope this song can be that for them.” ~ Rachel Cruz


Like a modern day siren, Rachel lures her listeners in with haunting melodies and a soulful voice. Once entranced, she takes her captives on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment guiding them safely through the storms and shipwrecks of life.


Engrossed with the rhythmic vibes of her culture, this Hawaiian Native began playing the ukulele, eventually writing her own lyrics and melodies. Though her creativity was heavily influenced by her island home, her taste in music contrasted the happy and light-hearted sounds of the islands. Instead, she found solace in artists like P!nk, Evanescence and Adele who’s music mirrored the hardships and realities she faced in her own life. Behind the lights, cameras and smiles, Rachel was haunted by traumas and abuses she’d been going through for years. Music became the catalyst that helped her to truly find her voice. It is no secret that life is hard, but in a world that can leave you feeling cold and forgotten, her lyrics offer hope reminding others that they are not alone.





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