Tre Lovell

We love watching movies or binge watching our favorite television shows in the comfort of our own homes, right? But we never really know everything that goes into making these film projects a reality, especially in the legal department.

Our special guest this month is Celebrity Lawyer - Tre Lovell who has been noted among the elite litigators in the nation. He has been recognized among the top 1% of attorneys in the United States featured on the cover of Hollywood Magazine, has been profiled by Forbes Magazine, and interviewed by top level media nationwide. He is based in Los Angeles with an A-list clientele, including many top name celebrities.

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Courtesy of Mandalay Pictures/Columbia Pictures

Having founded his own firm in 2004, Lovell shared that he started his legal career 27 years ago with a large firm that represented General Motors and Chrysler in product liability lawsuits. Life would take an unexpected, yet exciting turn for Lovell however, when he found himself booking acting roles on various films and television shows.

“Indubitably, a producer would come over to me and ask me, ‘Are you an attorney?’ Since it was depicted on the back of my headshot/resume.  When I said yes, they would ask my advice and want my help with various legal issues that arose. I started to get an ‘entertainment clientele’ on these various acting projects and realized the legal side of the business was much more fun for me than the acting side. Soon after, I started my own practice which then developed into my current firm.”


Despite being “amazed” and feeling “humbled” being named one of the top 100 national trial lawyers, the road to success has not come without its challenges.

“The greatest struggle in my legal career came through the handling of a particular case. There was a massive ponzi scheme case that involved over $200,000,000 in stolen monies. I was approached by 144 victims of this scheme to represent them after their current attorneys, a large, international firm in Miami, ultimately gave up on them (after the firm took nearly a million dollars in fees).  It was very scary as I was a solo practitioner with a modest practice at the time, and the case involved over 20 defendants in five countries, which included law firms, banks, the Maxim brand, and others.  My lawyer friends said don’t do it because it would bankrupt me as my firm was not in a position to handle such a large case.  I ended up taking the case and securing millions in recovery for my clients.  It was the hardest and yet most rewarding case I’ve had.”

So how does a big profile lawyer handle the pressures of his job?

“Whenever I have a trial, arbitration or even a court hearing, I’m always nervous.  However, the nervousness helps to focus me and “free” me to give my argument, conduct my examination or otherwise speak in a convincing, yet receptive and free flowing manner.  Trials and litigation are about convincing.  Convincing a judge, a jury, or an arbitrator.  It’s my job to pave a legal road and drive the judges/jurors to the final destination in favor of my client.  Convincing and persuasion require not just a knowledge of the law, but a method and manner of communication in which to reach out to people in very simple, yet effective, terms. Telling a story in such a way that persuades others your client deserves redress.


There’s a very famous story involving an attorney of many decades ago, Melvin Belli, who was handling a paraplegic case.  When it came time for his client to take the stand, he instructed his client to suddenly jump from his chair onto the ground and crawl his way to the stand in front of the jury.  As the other side’s attorneys are objecting, Belli is accounted to have remarked “this is how my client has to live his life every day!”  No legal argument, brief, witness or other evidence could have been more powerful than those 3 seconds of the plaintiff crawling in front of the jury.  IT’S ABOUT SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE PERSUASION.”

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Despite being a celebrity in his own right, Tre Lovell shared that “ time goes on, it’s more important for me to make a difference. There are many areas of the law, and entertainment in particular, that need reform and change. I believe that I can help achieve this through the court system by both bringing the issues to the media/public’s attention and then getting a favorable result. A high profile presence gives me a larger platform in which to identify these reform areas and address them.”


He is truly a remarkable man with an incredible heart, and we look forward to watching his career continue to flourish. You can learn more about Tre Lovell and his firm, The Lovell Firm at