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Ron Anderson - Vocal Coach To The Stars!

You should never underestimate who you meet. You might just end up meeting someone truly remarkable. This can certainly be said of Opera Singer and Vocal Coach to the Stars, Ron Anderson.

The Legend Of Voice Mastery, Ron was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on February 7th 1946. Like most local kids in Hawaii, he loved to swim!


“I go back a lot. I really REALLY like Hawaii!” Maui being his favorite!


When he was just 4 years old, his family moved from Honolulu to Long Beach, CA to begin a new journey.

“This was a horrible time,” Ron states, remembering how the island was full of holes due to the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II.

Once settled in California, Ron’s interest in entertaining began to surface. He had a voice and his talent was being recognized! Casting calls for the Mickey Mouse club were happening nearby and his “really good friend,” Bobby Burgoess auditioned. Both young boys were accepted, but Ron’s Mom said no, opting for education and normalcy for her young son. This didn’t stop Ron, however. Being a doctor, his mother would leave him with the babysitter during her shifts, and it was she who would open Ron’s eyes to a new language, Spanish! But being bilingual was not enough. Shortly after, Ron decided he’d also add German to his repertoire.


At 5 years old, Ron was offered, accepted and allowed to Radio Broadcast for China. He would do the recordings in California, which were then forwarded to China! Little Ron began recognizing his own talents. He laughed at a memory he had of himself and his mother arguing over the validity of his claim to being a “professional” singer at the tender age of 5.


Although nothing ever came of the broadcasting gig, it was that experience which motivated Ron to pursue his love of music. Even at that young age, he knew what he wanted and that was to sing!

Age 15 was a milestone for Ron. He visited China with a group of friends, including a Rock Band named, The Association. He remembered that the event was “really fun” and “unbelievable”. He also got a lead role in an Opera production at Long Beach City College. Desperately wanting voice lessons, Ron asked his parents for them. But when he started his classes, he found that his training did not meet his expectations. He wanted “REAL” voice lessons, but it would be expensive. So he decided to get a job with his dad to earn extra money for the lessons.


“That's when I really REALLY started singing,” Ron emphasized.


He honed his skills while performing in several local choirs and successfully auditioned to tour with The Young Americans when he was in High School. He did 5 tours with them including “The Hollywood Bowl'' and multiple solos! 


When he was a senior, he was asked to join The Association, but before he had the chance to do so, something unimaginable happened. Something POPPED during his song rehearsal! He didn’t know it at the time, but he had been singing the “wrong way” which took a toll on his vocal cords and they snapped. Ron’s mouth filled with blood and he recalled being in a great deal of pain.

Ron’s doctor (at the time) urged him to take action right away or his voice would be ruined.


“‘Get away and be silent,’ he told me. No speaking!’”


He ordered Ron to go to a remote island off the coast of Tahiti where he was not allowed to utter a peep! Ron and his doctor were the only ones on this island. Supplies were delivered to Ron when needed, yet total solidarity was key to his recovery. Ron described the healing process as “very painful, raspy and disheartening”. He was told that he would NOT overcome this injury, which only fueled his desire to succeed. For well over 8 months and “working hard everyday,” he healed on this remote island and he was finally free to go!

Now a young adult, back in the US and ready to continue pursuing his career, Ron began his mission to find THE BEST vocal coach out there. He approached Tilly and Fritz Zweig, asking for their help and guidance.

Written by: Janie Gallegos

Photos provided by Voixtek

“Tilly heard something in my voice and offered to take me on as a student. I really wanted to sing, and not the poppy stuff,” Ron shared.


He continued working with Tilly and Fritz, learning French, German and Italian, in order to sing (Opera) in whichever language was necessary.


“I was getting the training I needed from the best coaches out there. And, more importantly, I was learning to sing CORRECTLY.”


He had now been taught the importance of vocal technique, which further helped Ron to be the kind of Operatic HELDENTENOR performer he dreamed of being. This included singing up to 12 hours at a time for Operas in intervals.


In 1977, he was at a studio giving lessons and heard Earth, Wind and Fire practicing in the studio next to him. When Maurice White went downstairs to get a drink, Ron took the chance to approach him and said, “You know, you can tell me to shut-up, but you're trying to hit those notes and I’m telling you, you will never get those notes. Can I show you something?”


With that, Ron ended up coaching the entire band and touring with them for 2 years! Needless to say, their manager wasn’t very happy and never returned. Word began to spread, that Ron was the vocal coach people needed and artists began seeking him out.


One of his students was Axl Rose. Ron recalled meeting Axl when he was just 16 years old.


“He came in with a gun thing around his neck and a squirt gun.” Ron chuckled.


As it turns out, Axl was focused and willing to change his singing habits to preserve his voice. After his first lesson, he continued seeing Ron everyday. They continued working together for 5 more years, touring with the band and coaching as needed. Ron enjoys the memories of touring with this “very, very nice group” and is very proud of Axl and his accomplishments. They have been probably the longest touring band in the world proving Axl’s vocal power and longevity.

Eventually, Ron would cross paths with Dr. Pipe Perez, a dentist who came to the US from Columbia. The two met through Perez’s passion for Guns N Roses, who he claims taught him how to speak English. Dr. Perez, or Pipe, came on as Ron’s assistant and quickly advanced to being Ron’s right-hand-man in every aspect of Ron’s career. Ron has even given him voice lessons and considers him his most trusted friend and work partner. The pair believed themselves to be “the perfect team” and have worked together, day-in and day-out, for the past 18 years. Ron eventually adopted Dr. Perez in an adult adoption process. They taught the Voixtek Method together. This method of vocal coaching was developed after years of research, observation and practice with the focus of coaching others on proper singing techniques.


Oftentimes, there is a fear that learning new or different techniques will cause your voice to change, but that is simply NOT the case. Combining the science of anatomy, Pipe (Dr. Perez) focuses on the head and neck, while Ron perfects the voice with his years of expertise. Voix is French for voice, while Tek refers to technology.

What is this Voixtek business? Changing your singing habits, that's it! IF YOU LIKE YOUR VOICE, YOU NEED TO PROTECT IT! This includes:


  • Mechanics of Vocalization

  • Fundamentals of Breath Management

  • Vocal Placement

  • Vowel Modification and Dictation


Singing is like a sport, which many singers today do NOT understand. Many will go to ENT’s and doctors, thinking that those individuals will fix them, or that surgery will be the answer to their vocal issues. But the truth is, that surgery will NOT fix the problem and offers NO long-term relief. It should only be done in severe cases. According to Dr. Perez, most singers sing from their throat, which is why their voices don’t last long and why they develop issues with their vocal cords. He says that it is “real muscular control that changes everything, just like your abs. It is something that you have to continue to work on and practice.”


“Your voice WILL change without a scalpel!” He emphasizes. This fear when they struggle is the #1 reason artists stop coming to vocal lessons. They are afraid they will lose the voice that has made them so successful.


He goes on to say that our vocal cords are NOT violin strings. Practicing the correct singing habits will prevent “vocal fry” nodules, hoarseness or tickling in your throat while singing and that a person’s vocal cords need to become free flowing ligaments.


“There is NO secret to this technique, just do it right. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be nice to your vocal cords,” Ron says. If you don't believe him, refer to the story about his vocal cords snapping from singing incorrectly. ESPECIALLY You don’t want to wait until this happens to you! AND MUCH LESS DURING A LIVE SHOW. 


When we arrived for our interview with Ron, he was right in the middle of a lesson with a celebrity singer of a popular band we won’t name for the sake of anonymity. She had been singing incorrectly for years leaving her voice raspy and causing pain when she’d sing. We watched and listened as her voice transformed! Tears welled up in her eyes when she heard and felt the difference. It was an emotional moment for all! Her gratitude was indescribable and this was ONLY her second lesson!!!! 


Would you like to try out the Voixtek lesson? Check the links below! It’s A FREE trial! Their desire is to make the music world a better place and to prevent hurting yourself in the process of pursuing your dreams. Ron Anderson has coached Guns n‘ Roses, Alicia Keys, Ozzy Ozbourne, Chris Allen, The Weekend (whose last album #afterhours has broken the charts being in the #1 spot for more than a month now during the CoronaVirus pandemic), Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Adele and many others! Regardless of musical genre, He is a teacher that is so passionate about helping artists that it literally pains him to see it done wrong. Ron wants to help YOU, and to help the world. Whether you’re a singer or someone whose voice is shot or has been injured, this method can literally help you to heal your voice! Tell a friend, tell your friend’s friends and your families about Voixtek and how it can literally transform your voices! The Voixtek Method has a Website and an app you can download and start using today to begin your vocal health journey! 


Ron and Dr. Perez have a very IMPORTANT message for you!


“If you love music, you need to save your voice! Use the correct techniques and you WILL SAVE your vocal cords. Options have been made available for you. You can go on the app, website or even get a personal lesson with Ron Anderson! If none of these options fit your fancy, Ron and Dr. Perez have been working on a book for the last 6 years. There is no release date yet, but the hunt for the perfect publisher is in progress. I cannot stress enough the importance of the The Voixtek Method. If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen some of your favorite artists, they may have hurt themselves or have had to have surgery due to singing incorrectly. Which leads to a lack of confidence in their voices For a lot of you, this is how you pay your bills. Those bills aren't going anywhere, but your voice will if you don't protect it now!”


Fun Facts About Ron:


Q: What is he like?

A: Very Humble! He’s repeated at least a million times that he is just a normal guy! He is also very soft spoken and patient!


Q:  How is The Weekend doing 32 songs a night? 

A:  By being extremely disciplined, constant practice and singing right! “It’s easy if you do it right!”


Q: Favorite Food

A:  “Ohhhh, Everything! I eat it all.” We all laughed as Dr. Perez agreed with Ron’s enthusiastic answer.


Q:  How much does a session cost with Ron Anderson?

A:  $500 per hour. (Not bad for a lesson with a legend and a lifetime of healthy vocal cords!)


Q:  If I smoke, drink, etc. Will this method still work for me?

A:  Absolutely! of course being unhealthy or a smoker, you are prone to get colds easier or cough more, which creates more phlegm in your throat and irritates your vocal cords and affects the lung capacity. Using the Voixtek method will help you to overcome this. Voixtek will change bad internal habits, increase your breathing and melodic Rhythms, and you will still sound as good as ever. 


Q: Can I manipulate the music and visuals on the Voixtek app to better suit me?

A:  Yes! You can change it up, you can customize your training and put on the songs you like best and have fun getting that voice in shape! There is a virtual Reality version of the app as well, which is really interactive, immersive and easy to use!


New Artist, Seasoned Artists, Vocal issues in general, this is the help you need!

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