Set Designer & Professional Photographer

Photos by Logan Noh

Talk about talent, Logan Noh is chalked full of Creative Genius! Living in the Land of of FAME, Logan has quickly made a name for himself as a set designer for some of today's Hottest Celebrities. From Lady Gaga, to Lil' Wayne, from Bruno Mars to the Hip-Hop Artist, Drake!

Starting out in a high-school photography class, Logan discovered he had a knack for capturing moments in time, but set design was something he'd ever actually planned on doing. It was in his senior year of college that a friend of Logan's would ask him to help as a PA, assisting him with his first Music Video.


"He had me help with the Art Department guys and he was studying to become a director. So I figured, why not."

Logan highly enjoyed himself and decided to continue to pursue this line of work.


"I just love decorating and all of the creative stuff that goes into set design. I started in the art department and worked my way up from there. It's been 7 years now and I still love it!"


Originating with rap videos, Logan would eventually transfer to pop videos and commercials for companies like Target, Walmart, Dodge, Taco Bell and more!


But how does one even get into this industry? Well, you'll often hear people in the Entertainment and Music Industries say, "it's all about WHO you know!" In Logan's case, that's partially true, but it's also about "HOW you present yourself!"

"I actually went to a friend's birthday party, that director I mentioned earlier, actually. I ended up talking to a bunch of people there, networking and making friends, and I ended up talking with a guy who is now my boss!"


The turning point in his career came when he was given the opportunity to create the sets for Lady Gaga.


"Honestly once we did the set for Lady Gaga's "Guy Video", I skyrocketed. I could do anything I wanted to do after that and be more selective of the jobs I take."

This industry is really fast paced, which is one of the many things Logan loves about his life right now! Outside of set-building he continues to shoot incredible high-end photos and enjoys being outdoors!


"I love LA and the fact that my life never gets boring. Sometimes it gets a little scary as a freelance worker because you might have dry moments where you're wondering what your next job will be, but I still would rather not do anything else but this!"


You can follow Logan on IG @logannoh!

If you're aspiring to be a set-designer here's Logan's advice:


"Try different things. I've never though about doing set design, but I LOVE IT! Don't close yourself off from different things. Try EVERYTHING! The more you do, the better."


Perhaps you're wanting to become a photographer? Then here's what Logan wants to say to you!


"Try NOT to copy. Come up with your own ideas. Think outside of the box. I always try to do something a little different for every shoot."

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